♺ The French Connection - Blue Films - Schoolboys Gone Wild 2

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If the box cover alone isn't enough to convince you that you must own this video than I doubt anything I'm going to say will change your mind, but here goes.

Oh, my God. The good folks at The French Connection have gathered together a professional sports team worth of gorgeous, French teenagers who just happen to be hung FREAKISHLY huge!

And it only gets better as the boys get hot and sweaty playing badminton in a soccer field before breaking off into groups for some lunch and a little innocent fooling around.

The boys belch and spit and wrestle around and explore one another's young bodies and when their hardons begin to poke out of the legs of their shorts, it was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen on screen. I had to wipe a little tear from my eye.

We're then treated to a long, luxurious blowjob scene as the boys trade blowjobs. Picture beautiful young mouths crammed full with some of the thickest uncut cocks you've ever seen. How they don't choke to death on those hogs is beyond me. The guy with the biggest dick of them all squeezes into a condom that looks five sizes too small for him and fucks the hottest one of all before he throws the kid's legs over his own head so he can catch a mouthful of his own jizz. Hot! Not to be outdone, the other couple slurp down each other's thick white loads, even licking their fingers clean afterwards.

Then, a bare-chested foursome spreads a blanket, and their legs, behind a huge haystack. These four also sport monster cocks (do you begin to see a pattern here?) and are joined by a fifth boy who shows up out of nowhere to watch and jack off, plopping his muscular frame down on the soft hay. One of the guys sports a downward curving tool that had me staring in disbelief, I had no idea they made dicks that big!

If hot teenagers with unbelievable huge schlongs is your thing, this is the freakin' video of the year. If you liked The American Way, you'll love Schoolboys Gone Wild 2.

I also think most of  the models, while attractive, are slightly past the twink stage implied by the above review. This is a high quality DVD rip.

2003, 90 min

Country:  Eastern Europe

Studio:  Blue Star Films International

Cast:  Uncredited

Director:  Uncredited

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