♺ Strictly Forbidden [Hand-in-Hand Films-Bijou] 1974

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-12-26 |
This was equested by a member of another torrent site this time.

I have said it before...If it were not for these requests, I would be missing a lot!

Like the reviewers, I was surprised at this one.

Plot, theme, imagination,  cute guys, made in 1974!

Nothing like this comes out today.

If you remember the old Twilight Zone series, you might remember about the department store mannequins called "The After Hours" (hxxp://tinyurl.com/c77jxk7)

Substitute the dept store for a museum in Paris, the girls for guys in a Gay Male Adult version and...

Well, you get the idea.

If you would like to see the preview I made for this streamed from my own site to give you a better idea, you can view it here:


Info below, details in the NFO file (for the techies!).



Strictly Forbidden AKA Le Musee AKA Dreamboy  [Hand-in-Hand Films-Bijou]




"Don.t let Hollywood fool ya! Gay porn filmmakers in the 1970.s were more creative. And Jack Deveau proves it. In this erotically experimental shot entirely in France, director Deveau has statues coming to life in a art museum, who instructs handsome Thomas Jeffries on his inmost desires.

While touring Paris, Thomas is cruised by an older man in a cafe, and then goes to the museum (after the guard has left and locked up). A handsome statue comes to life who embraces and kisses Thomas passionately before leading him into another room. Here, as Thomas lies on a pedestal in his underwear, where two men – a bearded Geek god, the handsome stayue that has come to life embrace Thomas.

Filmed in both color and black-and-white with larger-than-life closeups of Strictly Forbidden offers creativity and originality that new porn is void of. Excellent photography, handsome and hung men, good story and sex, and ending with a five-man orgy with all of the men shooting loads of cum over our hero Thomas."

Partly filmed in the Musee Rodin and the Musee Gravin (a wax museum) in Paris.

REVIEW (Bijou)

According to a source used by Stallion Magazine, this piece was filmed on location in Paris and show briefly in an unauthorized version in France as Le Musee. Hand-in-Hand films then reconstructed it according to the original shooting script in 1984.

An experimental and incomprehensible Jack Deveau film, shot entirely in France in 1974. It concerns statues coming to life in a strange art museum, and the handsome young man (Thomas Jeffries) who learns from them his inmost desires.

Thomas tours France, is cruised by an older man in a cafe, and then goes to the museum (after the guard has left and locked up). A handsome statue comes to life and tongue-kisses with Thomas before leading him into another room.

Here, as Thomas lies on a pedestal in his underwear, two men, one bearded and hairy, the other handsome and lean, fondle him. Thomas gets a blowjob while sucking the bearded guy.s cock for a long time (filmed both in color and black-and-white).

Later, Thomas is awakened (he sleeps in a shell-like tub) by a hippyish, well-defined man who jacks off over him and cums a huge load of cum. Here an orgy proceeds, with one man endlessly fucked doggie style with a large dildo (excellently filmed with larger-than-life closeups) and others fucking and sucking and rimming. This five-man orgy ends with all of the men shooting cum loads over Thomas. Mixed lighting values but some good anal sex and penetration shots.

" ... one of those insular, obtuse experiments that is perhaps understandable, but completely unfathomable. One of those films where no one raised a hand and asked: "Exactly what.s going on here?"" --Torso, July 1985

"You will never forget the unusual and shocking ending to this tale. The twilight zone is an erotic zone." -- Hand-in-Hand films press release

Stars: Alain Queret, Big Bill Eld, Daniel Novan, Gene Kelton, Hugh Allen, Jean-Pierre Vierle, Paul McFleet, Robert LeClerc, Thomas Jeffries

Nonsexual: Daniel Mesplet, Jack Deveau

Director: Jack Deveau
Producer: Jack Deveau
Asst. editor: Kees Chapman
Cinematography: François About
Editor: Robert Alvarez
Make-up: Gene Kelton
Music: Didier Vasseur
Production co-ordinator: Sydney Soons
Sound; Adriene Latafere
Writer: C. Sebur

Released 1974 (Hand-in-Hand), 1984 (Bijou)


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