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Imagining Alec strapped up, kit cut off, cock and ball tortured, and pounded with the fucking machine

I can't take my mind off the sadistic fun we have in store for him when I
look at Alec's vulnerable, hard little body as he showers and shaves. My
imagination runs away with me...

I'd strap his entire body up with thick belts, digging into his muscular
limbs. I'd force a gag into his mouth to silence his protests as I cut off
his rugby gear, shred by shred... with more than just his dignity stripped
away as he's left in just his jockstrap, socks and boots.

As soon as that tight little arse is fully exposed, I would take the cane to
it, branding vivid red lines on his smooth white skin, making him struggle
and cringe in pain. I'd yank his balls and limp dick out through his firm
thighs, attach nasty tight clips to his foreskin and tender nutsack. As he
moaned into his gag, I'd string the clips tightly to his dirty boots,
stretching his sensitive genital flesh to the limit.

Glimpsing his virgin straight arsehole between his striped cheeks, I'd
ram my fingers up there, probing his guts for the first time in his life,
viciously fingerfucking him. With only a bit of spit for lube, I'd take my
handheld fucking machine and hammer it into his arsehole, drilling it in
and out faster and faster as my helpless hetero toy writhes and cries.
Unable to escape his severe bondage, his cock and balls agonisingly pinched,
Alec would bawl into the gag as Stan clipped pegs to his nipples too, the fucking
machine pounding his arse mercilessly...

Aspiring rugby star Alec gets 'spotted'

Stan and I are hanging out at the rugby ground - the perfect hangout to
find fit, rough and ready sporting lads. We're posing as talent spotters
for a professional team, and as the hunky guys troop past us and strip
off for their showers, we eye them hungrily.

We soon find our target - Alec, the lean, blond haired, blue eyed scrum
half, looks like he'll jump at the chance to impress us...
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