Communion (480p)

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Format: mp4
Release year: 2007
Resolution: 720x480

Scene 01 - Max Schutler, Marko Hansom, Nickolay Petrov, C.J. Knight
Scene 02 - Francesco D'Macho, Jon Ridge
Scene 03 - Vinnie D'Angelo, Matt Cole, Steve Cruz
Scene 04 - Francesco D'Macho, Tony Mecelli
Scene 05 - Alex Collack, Vinnie D'Angelo, Kent North, Josh Weston
Scene 06 - Alex Collack, Josh Weston, Kent North

From Director Steven Scarborough, The Creator of Skuff Trilogy, The Missing, and Black -N- Blue, comes Communion, a new chapter in leather. Scarborough's at the top of his film-making game here, with six chapters of devilish inspiration sure to break you free from the bondage of plebeian thinking. Commence the rites of Communion with 13 members of the Hot House Brethren. Hot House Exclusives Alex Collack, Francesco D'Macho, and Vinnie D'Angelo compel you to dress in the vestments of leather and comply with the sacred rituals divined in this Hardcore Director's Cut. This two disc set features a shocking hardcore bonus scene initiating Josh Weston in a life-changing ritual of manhood never before seen in his expansive career. New York legend DJ Little Rock also spins magic in the air with sexy beats and incantations. Reach out your hands and join in the circle of orgasmic communion. Come together...

Tags: Alex Collack, Francesco D'Macho, Vinnie D'Angelo, Kent North, CJ Knight, Max Schutler, Nickolay Petrov, Marko Hansom, Jason Ridge, Matt Cole, Steve Cruz, Tony Mecelli, Josh Weston, Anal Sex, Big Dick, Bondage, Daddy, Double Anal, Fisting, Group Sex, Hairy, Kissing, Leather, Condom, Fisting, Dildo, Hothuse
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