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Davide - Theater Technician:

I must admit to harbouring a stereotypical porn fantasy of a plumber coming to fix my pipes. Suddenly, he's magically ass up naked on my table letting me fuck him senseless. Davide looks exactly like a blue collar worker who I can slot into this ongoing fantasy of mine. So you can imagine how I had to restrain myself when I got him up on my audition table for the examination.

Listen to me trying to coax this sweet innocent lad from Sicily to turn into a tough brute! But I reckon there’s a dark side of him which has been waiting years to emerge in a heated sexual encounter. It’ll only takes the right circumstance. After hearing about his preferences I was interested to see how he would handle the excruciatingly intimate naked exam he was about to undergo.

It’s so easy to manipulate the mind of this big straight bozo. I simply make it seem like kneeling on a table spreading his ass so this complete stranger can inspect his tight virgin hole is completely normal and he bashfully follows along!

It never ceases to amaze me how clumsily these straight boys play with their dicks. He manhandles his equipment like it’s a strange new tool despite years and years of pleasuring himself. Impressively, he’s still able to work himself up to a massive explosion of sticky Sicilian juice.

Didi - Unemployed:

The straight men who come to see me have different ways of relieving the stress of appearing naked on camera for the first time. Didi's way of dealing with it is to smile. He grins like an idiot for the first half of the audition, but then his brave smile fades once it gets down to the serious business of inspecting his cock and asshole close up. It's always a pleasure making a muscular hetero submissively take sexual orders for the first time in his life!

Listen to how innocent this boy sounds. His girlfriend once took pictures of him in his underwear! How rude! No wonder he wants to do porn to find out what it means to get really dirty.

Stick it out and flaunt it! That's the attitude he has to have to make it. Didi shows only the smallest hint of hesitation, but in the end he proves that he can follow my raunchy orders to the letter.

Be sure to watch Didi's face when he's about to shoot it. He's like a naughty boy who expects to be slapped. He has no idea how to take standing fully naked in front of stranger while blowing his load on camera for the first time!

Garcia - Ex-Army:

I have a straight friend who loves talking to me about sex and showing off his body to me now that he's working out more. It isn't about sexuality. He's someone who simply gets off on being looked at - no matter who is doing the looking. Garcia is absolutely the same type. He doesn't want to have sex with men, but it excites him showing off to them. When he's jerking off you can tell he's having the time of his life just from being watched.

Knowing that he used to be in the army and hearing about his naked public exploits really turned me on. I was eager to see whether he was all just talk or if he could really go through with the audition all the way.

Garcia surprised me by his willingness to pose in any position I wanted to put him in. Then it struck me that the dirty bugger is actually getting off on this. I can't believe he hasn't taken this step to get into porn sooner, but I'm glad I'm the first to witness his trying it out.

Seeing how much he was enjoying showing off I wasn't shy with the camera. I practically lay down between his legs! To my pleasant surprise, this encouraged him to show off more. Don't miss his fucking hot cum shot.

Obinna - Student:

This hot young semi-professional footballer used to screwing lots of girls and being admired by all his buddies. This is the first fully naked look another man has ever got of this horny stud’s body with a close examination of his sporty cock and defined muscular arse. Obinna is going to have a big conflict where he needs to earn money, but he’s definitely against doing anything sexual with men. I reckon with enough encouragement this horny black stud can get over his firm hetero self image and submit to other guys.

Obinna is a very proud straight man and he obviously likes to be seen by all his friends as the guy who can screw loads of girls at the same time. But the main point of his being here is to earn big money. It gives me hope that he so quickly changes him mind about letting a girl stick a finger up his arse. It’s only a question of time before he gives into participating in all kinds of sexual behaviour.

I know that if I were to feel that powerful muscular frame of Obinna’s it would be like steel. This is a hard trained footballer without an ounce of fat on his body. His thighs are big and strong from running up and down the football field all day. And I couldn’t take my eyes off his big luscious arse.

He’s used to having any girl he chooses when he wants to get off. So it’s a challenge for Obinna to jerk off with only another man watching. But his cock still grows very stiff and large quickly with his compact muscular body working hard to bring himself off.

Sebastian - Barman:

It feels right to tell some of the homophobic guys who audition that we only make porn for women. They are so dumb that they actually believe there are hundreds of horny women around the world who want to watch a video of them and no one else. But Sebastian came across as smarter than that so I thought I'd test out whether he could handle knowing men would be getting off on him naked too. It's one thing to say you can, but to then go through with it, strip off on camera and flaunt your body- that raises the tension several notches.

Sebastian laid out clearly in his mind before coming here what he would and would not do. But, as with most straight men, there are things which he didn't even think about. I love getting the guys to think on their feet and forcing them to answer how far they'd go.

Laden with the knowledge that he's not only displaying his dick and spreading his ass for a strange man, but being filmed so countless other men can see him too, Sebastian gets his kit off. Full on pressure. Especially when I went so far as to ask him to turn around while pulling his ass apart.

Sebastian's got such a big, hot, insatiable dick I don't think he cares who he jacks off for. The pleasure of showing off is enough to get him going.

Torrent contains all three video clips (Interview, Physical, and Wank), in WMV format, from each of the five models in this set, as well as the complete set of photos from each of their actual auditions. 

Videos included in this torrent are as follows:

Davide - Interview.wmv:  26.00 MB
Davide - Physical.wmv:  27.20 MB
Davide - Wank.wmv:  27.80 MB

Didi - Interview.wmv:  27.99 MB
Didi - Physical.wmv:  27.29 MB
Didi - Wank.wmv:  25.77 MB

Garcia - Interview.wmv:  25.02 MB
Garcia - Physical.wmv:  26.01 MB
Garcia - Wank.wmv:  27.63 MB

Obinna - Interview.wmv:  17.47 MB
Obinna - Physical.wmv:  16.16 MB
Obinna - Wank.wmv:  22.08 MB

Sebastian - Interview.wmv:  25.09 MB
Sebastian - Physical.wmv:  23.89 MB
Sebastian - Wank.wmv:  29.11 MB

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