CHRIS torture part 7, 8 and 9

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Part 7


Boy, that Chris is pretty! Our rope guys keep him displayed in their rec room, right in front of their beautiful stone fireplace. They have bound him tightly around his throat and his rippling abs to a high-backed bondage chair, with additional ropes holding his shoulders, wrists and ankles in place. We love the way his blonde locks flop down in front of his beautiful face as he struggles against the ropes. Now it’s time for rope man J.J. to have some fun. He smacks those meaty pecs and strokes that smooth, hairless cock, until his boy is rock hard – then rewards him by shocking his erect penis with the electric wand.


Part 8


Roped up snug into the bondage chair, pretty-boy Chris struggles as he pleads to be set free. Rope man J.J. has a different idea, proceeding to place biting clamps on each of Chris’s nipples as he screams in pain. If that wasn’t enough, J.J. slowly, one by one, places similar biting clamps along both the left and right sides of our porn star’s beautiful un-cut cock. Finally, with Chris begging “No! No!”, J.J. places the largest and most painful clamp where it hurts most, right at the head of Chris’s cock! After leaving him to struggle in agony for hours, J.J. has a little more fun as he taps, twists, and turns the nipple and cock clamps prior to ripping them off. Then he gets that beautiful dick rock hard before leaving Chris to show it off once more!


Part 9


Still bound to the bondage chair after being electro-shocked and feeling the bite of nipple and dick clamps, Chris, our stud blonde beauty, is rock hard. J.J. loves hard dick, and he caresses Chris’s god-like torso and abs as he works his bound boy’s uncut cock. J.J. masterfully brings Chris to the edge of blowing his load time and time again, pinching the tip of his stud’s cock just before allowing him to finish. Then, after J.J. gets his fill, Chris’s hand is set free to finish the job as J.J. wants to watch from afar. Chris works his cock as his entire body tenses, his cut abs popping as he approaches climax, until he blows his load!

*** ENJOY!!!! ****
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