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Original upload: 2010-06-28 by unknown |

The Defiant party isn't over: let's upload 'em all! :-)

That's exactly what these buddies have in mind for each other.? Pleasing their partner is what gets them off, whether it's kissing, sucking, fucking or getting fucked, or just plain old eating cum.? "Whatever You Like" is truly going to be a film that I think you will like.? We start off with straight boys Casper Cox and Matthew Matters.? Casper won't come out and say it but Matthew knows that a good pounding of his ass is what he desires the most.? When all is said and done, both guys are left spent and happy.?

Defiant Exclusive Roar stops by to check up on Levi Davis only to be drawn in by Levi's aura of sexual hunger.? In no time at all, both studs are sucking away at each other.? Can Roar suck Levi's incredibly huge cock all the down?? Well this film is called, "Whatever You Like."? And Levi does like a good blow job.? Roar does possess great deep throat talent, but has he met his match...?

We walk back in the house only to find Defiant Exclusives Shane and Devon Hart about to engage in some male to male exploration.? In no time at all both studs are sucking away on each others hard cocks.? Devon is first to release his creamy load.? Never to be outdone, Shane turns Devon over onto his stomach and shoots a cum shot that truly has to be seen to believe.

Laying on an open futon, newcomer Jessie Jameson catches Cameron DeMarko taking a nap.? Knowing what both of them like, these guys in now time at all are at it full speed.? Sucking, fucking each other, and sharing each others cum is exactly how they like it.

Country boy Reece Ander teams up with ever horny Marc Sterling.? After a time of hot oral pleasure, Reece takes Marc's hard cock deep down into his ass.? Getting worked up, Marc delivers one of his classic cum shots.? "Whatever You Like" is truly a film to have.

Casting: Joe Serna
Producer: Joe Serna
Editing: Gaylord Fucker

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