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(No Audio) Elders Butler, Isaacs & Larsen – WORKOVER (1080p)

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DescriptionEvery Mormon missionary is paired with another missionary, who is called his “companion.” Since missionary companions are required to spend every moment of the day together, and never leave each others’ sight, these relationships are very intimate, and they can be a source of great joy for the missionaries.

But itÂ’s also important for the companionships to see how other missionaries go about their work. So every now and then, companions will go on exchanges with other boys in the mission. Being exposed to these other boys broadens a missionaryÂ’s experience, and opens him up to new ideas and methods.

When an exchange is only for a day or less, it’s called going on “splits.” But sometimes these exchanges go overnight, for one reason or another, and then it’s called a “worker.”

Young Elder Butler is doing a workover with Elder Isaacs and Elder Larsen. Elder Butler is a little guy, and very young looking, and he has seen both of the other missionaries at Zone Conference. He’s really looking forward to spending a night with them. They’re both bigger than he is — Larsen has a swimmer’s build, and Isaacs has a weightlifter’s body.

Elder Butler is really attracted to both of them.

After a long day of work, the three boys made their way back to the missionary apartment and got ready for bed.

As they took off their Sunday clothes, Elder Butler took every opportunity to check out the other missionariesÂ’ hot bodies.

Once they were stripped down to their sacred underwear, he could clearly see the outlines of their meaty cocks through the sheer fabric. It took all of his willpower not to get a boner, which they would have seen immediately through his sheer Mormon underwear.

But there are only two small beds in the apartment, and since Larsen and Isaacs wouldnÂ’t fit in one bed very well, the boys decide that Elder Butler will share a bed with Elder Larsen.

Elder Butler is secretly thrilled, but also anxious. When he gets into bed, he scoots over to the very edge and tries not to touch Elder Larsen — afraid that the boy will realize that he is attracted to him. But Elder Larsen very casually throws an arm around Elder Butler and pulls him close.

Elder Isaacs falls asleep very quickly, but Elder Butler canÂ’t sleep. Not while heÂ’s cradled in the other missionaryÂ’s arms. His mind is racing, and his heart is beating wildly.

Larsen pulls Elder Butler in even tighter, and then, with one glance over at Isaacs to make sure heÂ’s sleeping, he reaches down and gropes ButlerÂ’s cock. Elder Butler pretends to be asleep, but his dick is rock hard.

As Larsen plays with it, he presses into LarsenÂ’s body and feels the boyÂ’s big boner against his ass. He lets out a little groan, and Larsen claps a hand over his mouth to silence. Who knows what would happen if Isaacs were to wake up to the sight of missionary sex.

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