♺ Comic - Brute by Simon complete Drawings collection (2006 - 2012)

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Comic - Brute by Simon complete Drawings collection (2006 - 2012)


About Brute:
Brute is a collection of drawings I started in 2005. It is focused on the kind of man I love: generally bald, gorilla-like hairy, stocky, well-built, masculine.
Brute ranges from uniforms to the "everyday man" without forgetting historical periods or sports as well....

Porno-erotic themes and situations, fantasies and weird. Bondage, SM, domination.
Huge hairy blokes in action. Pleasure for pleasure, raw sex. Uncensored stuff provided
by request via e-mail contacting with the webmaster.

I got fascinated with History since I was a child. Specially the way men clothes were changing
through centuries. From the golden antiquity with Babylon, Greece or Rome to the last XX century.
I hope to be accurate with the designs, collecting documentation about.

Inside this section there is a place for everybody. A reflection of nowadays life. Time to work, time to relax.
Professionals to fix it all. A thousand ways to spend the spare time. Our special "Yellow Pages". Hard men making
hard works and after all, the warrior's rest.

This is the right name for this section. Every sport shown here has a common characteristic: the brute force.
Activities like weightlifting, powerlifting, rugby, wrestling, kirkpinar, shot put, strongman events and any kind
of beastly sports, that's what you can find here.

Uniforms, caps, boots, weapons, cartridge belts, straps, bludgeons... There's no doubt: a man in uniform looks hot.
That sensation of power or authority is something special. Here you'll find any kind of uniforms, from army to navy,
from cops to wardens... 

A collection of Brute wallpapers for your computer and mobile devices, they're designed to leave enough space for your icons.
The image format is [jpg].


2006 Cover :

Lieutenant - February
Armwrestling Match - March
Tough Gangster - April
Fur & Sweat - May
Bondage - June
Leather Over Skin - July
On The Beach - August
Furwall - September
Sergeant - October
Cigar Dad - November
Brute Xmas. - December

2007 Cover :

Old Salt - January
Hammam - February
Heavy Duty - March
Bouncer - April/May
Tattoo Sergeant - June
Sunny Beaches - July
The Barracks Bar - August
Get In! - September
A Hard Day's Night - October
Postman Knocks Twice - November
Where's My Present? - December

2008 Cover :

Attitude - January
Blazing Sun (Joe) - February
Beat It - March
A Last Effort - April
Fix Me! - May
Tipsy! - June
Holiday! - July/August
Want My Dose - September
At Work - October
Contenders - November
Furry Xmas. - December

2009 Cover :

Sport Life - January
Inch Over The Horizon - February
Slave From Hispania - March
Ritual - April
I Am The Law - May
Come With Us! - June
Staring At The Sea - July
At The Club - August
The Look - September
Mr. Eyebrows - October
Brute & Jack-O - November
EeenyMeenyMinyMoe! - December

2010 Cover :

Hedonism - January
Legion - February
Bulk - March
Goin' Bananas - April
Authority - May
Work Hard - June
Summerblink - August
A La Souvarov - September
Oktoberfest - October
Bald Is Beautiful - November
Santa Express - December

2011 Cover :

Presence - January
Rippin' Sleeves - February
Brute Wear! - March/April
Business Man In The Lift - May
Muscle Blast - June
Summer Holidays - July
Last Repetition - August
Back To Work - September
Borsalino - October
Smells Like Daddy - November/December

2012 Cover :

Housecoat - January
Thug - February
The Colour Of Spring - March
Born To Be Wild - April/May
Paradise For Two - June
Holidays In Rome - July/August
Legio XII - September
Harbour Tavern - Oct/Nov/Dec

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