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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-01-20 |
    Here's something REALY special men … it's from "Thunder's Arena" Wrestling site ... Johnny Bravo vs Frank the Tank vs Con Demetriou in "Water Wars 2" … the dudes are BIGGER & Hotter than ever!  Here's the site blurb …….

    "Now we have three (3) of the largest bodybuilders in the world battling it out to see who will be the best.  Johnny Bravo and Conan were talking by the pool when Conan insults Johnny - it sets things in motion.  Johnny starts throwing Conan and then Frank into the pool and then dives in himself to show them who is boss.  The match is 23 minutes long."

    Lots of Hot Beef in this one as the Muscle boys play "King of the Pool", and generally make fools of themselves - but HOT fools so it's cool … leave it to Frank to be the only one in a proper poser … more or less …  Finally, I've included a pic. file for each of the Men (about 200 in all) - Con's being the best … 

    Now, a quick question … while I was at the site I discovered that by using my downloader (igetter) I was able to grab 77 of their movie files more or less straightaway.  They're basically glorified teasers, but there are a lota nice Hunks on view … my question is > would anybody be interested in the files?  If so, lemme know & I'll put them up 4 U …  Cheers … !
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