Men of Odyssey - Uniform

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Four VERY hot and intense sex scenes featuring very hot and sexy muscle-studs!!

Studio: Men of Odyssey
Year: 2001
Length: 72 min

Cast: Clint Cooper, Evan Taylor, Jay Ross, Logan Krewe, Michael Brandon,
                Ryan Chandler, Troy Banner

Detailed online description:  hxxp://

Fantasies about men in uniform have always been a big part of sex in the gay community.  Art imitates life here as Clint Cooper opens his imagination and closet for a peek into the world of men in uniform (and their sexual fantasies).  Chi Chi La Rue captures the visual as well as the psychological aspects of this popular pastime!

Really, the best moments in Uniform come from the supporting cast. Except for the Brandon, all the cast are newcomers, with no one having more than four other films to their credit. Krewe, Ross and Taylor have only worked with Chi Chi before, which proves that he still has an expert eye for manflesh.

Generally, the sex is great! If you’re just looking for a film to get you off, this will do it for you. Clint Cooper is a magnificent specimen of a man and the six other cast members, most of whom are newcomers, are enthusiastic and eager to please. The sex itself is intense; videographer Hue Wilde does a fantastic job filming these men in the throes of lust, especially his fucking shots from below, and the lighting captures the burnished glow of the men’s skin tones.

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