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DescriptionIn this compelling new series, four men step out of the closet to find the sexual encounters they crave. Married, frustrated stud Nick Capra meets up with model Jessie Colter to experience male love for the first time. Released felon Tommy Defendi finally meets unexpectedly hot prison pen pal Matt Stevens, and cocky Ty Roderick agrees to initiate shy young virgin Davey Anthony. Finally, jacked bodybuilder Trenton Ducati meets up with sultry, young Ludo Sander for a sexy workout date.

Scene 1 Tommy Defendi and Matt Stevens

Tommy Defendi is contemplating his time spent in prison when he is visited by Matt Stevens, his surprisingly hot prison pen pal, at a bar. Their first in-person meeting goes so well that both are laughing until last call. Not willing to end the night there, Tommy invites Matt over to his place for a nightcap. The guys feel very close to each other, close enough to kiss. Their kissing soon becomes more forceful and Tommy straddles Matt and takes off his shirt. Then his pants follow suit and the guys masturbate each other. Having not felt another human's touch in a long time, Tommy eagerly sucks Matt's cock, and Matt returns the favour on Tommy's monster dick, making him cry out in pleasure. Tommy slips his fat cock into Matt's hole and fucks him while they kiss. Matt rides his dick all over the dirty mattress until he comes on Tommy's hairy chest. Immediately after, Tommy explodes in one of the biggest cumshots he's ever had.

Scene 2 Nick Capra and Jessie Colter

Jessie Colter is drinking at a bar when he recognizes Nick Capra as the guy he's agreed to meet up with online. Nick is nervous upon their meeting because Jessie is a well-known porn actor, but he reassures Nick that he actually has a hard time dating because of his job. Nick's wife is away and he confesses to Jessie that he's always been curious about being with another man. The guys finish their drinks and Nick's curiosity takes him over to Jessie's place. Nick isn't sure what he wants but he is seduced by the pornstar's lips and they start kissing and undressing on the bed. Jessie slowly pushes Nick further until his pants are off and his dick is in his mouth. Once both guys are rock hard, Jessie slides Nick's juicy meat into his asshole. Nick flips Jessie around and fucks him hard from behind until he's gripping the bed for dear life. Nick pounds Jessie and jerks him until both guys cum all over themselves.

Scene 3 Trenton Ducarti and Ludo Sander

Sexy twink Ludo Sander meets up with muscular Trenton Ducati for a first date after chatting online, which happens to be at the gym. Ludo admires Trenton's built body, and Trenton starts training Ludo through a rigorous workout. The guys get a good sweat going, grunting while feeling each other's muscles until Trenton gets a hard-on under his gym shorts. Their exercise clothes are quickly stripped off and Ludo drops to his knees to worship Trenton's cock. Trenton orders Ludo to take his shorts off, exposing his uncut dick, and returns the favour. Trenton shoves Ludo's legs up around his shoulders and rims him and makes him finger himself until his tight hole is ready. Trenton spanks Ludo's perky cheeks, and pins him with his foot as he fucks the twink hard all over the bed. The athletes work up a whole different kind of sweat in their bedroom workout.

Scene 4 Ty Roderick and Davey Anthony

Davey Anthony isn't old enough to meet Ty Roderick at a bar, so they share a soda at a cute bistro. Cocky Ty doesn't have a lot of time to play games with the inexperienced Davey, who has never yet been with a guy. Despite his mistrust, the two leave together and quickly find themselves making out on the bed. Davey is a bit hesitant as he caresses another guy's body for the first time. Ty takes charge and shows the smaller boy what to do, guiding Davey's mouth to his already erect dick. Ty then gets Davey's asshole ready by rimming him until he's nice and relaxed. He grabs the twink's hips and starts fucking him doggy style across the bed. Then Ty flips Davey over so they can kiss passionately while they fuck. Ty can't take the pressure anymore so he pulls out and explodes all over Davey's still-hard dick.

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