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DescriptionBody Shots

Cast:  Trevor Knight, Jason Harley, Antonio Madiera, Dario Lopez, Jacob Slader, Jake Havoc, Marcos Pirelli, Orion Cross, Tristan Bennet

Director:  Chad Donovan

Producer:  Scott Masters

Country:  US

Length: 1 hr 30 min

Year: 2005

Studio :  Studio 2000

Body Shots is a seductive soufflé of sex and skin served to you by Studio 2000 and director Chad Donovan. This is Donovan’s first directorial effort for Studio 2000 and he has risen to the occasion and delivered a show that is edgy, enticing, and high-energy. Donovan has taken his well-appreciated talent for fucking in front of the camera and applied it to driving a cast of heavy-hung, horny hotties through their passionate paces.

Trevor Knight, Jason Harley, Jake Havoc and Antonio Madiera work as bartenders in a club. Body Shots is the torrid tale of their adventures. As the story opens, Antonio Madiera and pick-up Dario Lopez are waking up from a long night. Both are raven-haired, pretty boys with slender, toned physiques. So similar in appearance are they that at times the only way you can tell them apart is by realizing that Madiera is cut and Lopez is not. Their chemistry is combustible.

In bed, Lopez begins rimming Madiera’s perfect pucker, fingering his hole and sucking his dick. Lopez knows how to eat ass and the action is captured in searing close-up. Now standing over Madiera on the bed, Lopez lowers himself onto Madiera’s face for an intense tongue-fucking and cocksucking. Both guys excel at oral sex, lapping at ass like they haven’t been fed for weeks. Lopez slides his shooter deep inside Madiera’s astounding ass and slams him all over the bed in the doggie and missionary positions. Madiera is a hyper-active bottom aching for every inch. He grabs the headboard with one hand, jerks off a juicy load with the other, all the while being power-plowed. Lopez pulls out and sprays all over Madiera.

Back at the bar, Trevor Knight is setting up for his first day on the job. In strolls walking hard-on Marcos Pirelli. Knight is compact, All-American and hung like the proverbial horse. Pirelli is handsome as the day is long, a strutting peacock who is bigger than Knight in all ways except one. They make a dazzling duo. Knight tells Pirelli that he is pursuing an acting career. Pirelli offers to take pictures of him and to introduce him to an agent. Knight responds, "If you would set that up I would probably eat your ass." Without further ado, Pirelli strips down revealing lots of muscles and an at-attention erection covered with lots of foreskin. He stretches across the bar and Knight begins sucking his tasty tool and snacking on his bag of nuts.

All the while Knight’s thumb is conveniently stuck up Pirelli's ass. Pirelli has lots of attitude but that doesn’t stop him from deep-throating almost Knight’s entire knocker. Knight squats over Pirelli and face-fucks him with his powerful prick. Then, with Knight’s knob still in his mouth, Pirelli rolls up and sticks his ass in Knight’s face. An invitation this tasteful does not come every day so Knight rims Pirelli’s pink hole and drops his dew all over Pirelli’s chest. Still not satisfied, Knight shoves his Knightstick way up Pirelli’s asshole. Knight fucks him all over the bar with Pirelli begging for more. Pirelli creams while being screwed and Knight cums again, this time eight-plus spurts of spooge.

After shooting pool, Jacob Slader and buddy Orion Cross head to the john to get it on. Waiter Tristan Bennett tries to stop them and gets dragged along for the party. Scruffy Slader is a punkish, tattoo-covered predator with energy to spare and a don’t-fuck-with-me demeanor. Cross is deceptively sweet-faced and Bennett is clearly street wise and not yet road weary. In the cramped bathroom these three little pigs put on a show of shows which is a claustrophobic collision course of cock and cum. Cross is on his knees sucking Slader’s hefty hog and Bennett’s big bone at the same time.

The sight of Cross cramming both XL cocks in his mouth at once is a masterpiece of erotic excess. When dreamy Cross concentrates on one cock at a time he is able to deep-throat right down to the thicket of pubes both guys sport. Cross is in a daze as he continues to blow Bennett as Slader eats his ass. Slader throws a ride’em cowboy, standing doggie fuck into Cross as Bennett sits on the floor and sucks Cross’ crank. The powerful poking continues as Bennett lies down under the urinal, fires off his load, and goes back to work. Slader, never missing a beat, pumps his prick in and out of Cross’ crack. Just when you think Cross cannot take another second of the screwing, Slader pulls out and cums all over his back. Cross squirts off his own hairy hard-on to a high-flying climax. This mega-wattage threeway will give you an enduring erection from start to finish.

Everyone has left for the evening except bartender Jason Harley. He is about to close up when in strolls Jake Havoc. No words, just kisses, body worship, and pit-licking as these two square off for an episode that is boldly breathtaking. Havoc is the first to get down on his knees, licking Harley’s balls and sucking his uncut dick all the way to the base. Later, sitting atop a barrel, Harley has a chance to try and stuff all of Havoc’s hummer in his mouth. Havoc has a massive member which is almost, but not quite, too thick for Harley to handle. (Is there anything more exciting than watching a really, really big dick invading a mouth?) Harley sucks Havoc’s huge hard-on giving the task all he has and then some.

On the stairs, Havoc eats Harley’s hairy hole and then slams his donkey dick into Harley’s spit-lubed sphincter and rides him like a wild steer. A tight fit to say the least. Back on the barrel, Harley commands his piece of ass by bonking Havoc missionary while jacking him to climax. Havoc’s randy rod delivers a resplendent release. Harley follows by spewing off a shower of sticky stuff. Chad Donovan has brought his own special brand of sexual expertise to Body Shots. The result is a meteoric masterpiece of manmeat."

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