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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2008-05-31 | unknown uploader |

Cast: Pavel Novotny, Martin Bolek, Vilem Cage, Vasil Dudov, Matus Hornay, Slavo Kopecky, Miro Lauko, Ondra Seky, Felix Slovacek

THE BACK ROOM is a beautifully shot and exquisitely performed film that tells the simple tale of a young shopkeeper (Vilem Cage) in Prague who discovers that he can make a lot more money renting out the storage room in the back of his shop for afternoon assignations to couples who can't find anyplace else to get it on, than he ever could by merely selling groceries. the models are gorgeous, the action sizzles, and there is enough foreskin to satisfy even the most demanding viewers. This is Eastern European sex play at its very best.


In "The Back Room" Novak features the spectacularly beautiful and horse-dicked Pavel Novotny and teams him with a powerful little dynamo of sexual energy, Vasil Dudov. And I thought Jan Novak, or anyone else for that matter, would have a tough time topping the newcomer in "Winning Ways," the swashbuckling romantic fucktool known as Ladislav Pekar. In this video, he may have done the impossible: He builds the story around an absolute newcomer (at least to me) named Vilem Cage, a manly beauty who combines the looks of a young Kevin Costner and co-star Pavel Novotny in a body of sheer Michelangelan perfection. That the tale revolves around him, and involves him in two steamy sex scenes is almost too much to bear -- but what is more overwhelming is how wonderfully at ease and professional he is in making love to other men. Though he is a top in this movie, he displays instinctive oral skills seldom seen in Eastern European male stars (taking the first cock he encounters virtually down to the pubes in his first swipe), and his interaction with his partners brings an electrifying sense of wanton longing to his sexual and casual encounters alike.

With all that going for him, you would forgive Novak if he were to fall somewhat short in casting the rest of the sexpigs who find their man-to-man nirvana in the shops, garages and clubs of Prague. Not so. He has assembled a cast of six supporting models, none of whom I've ever seem before -- one more stunning than the other -- and none of them in the least bit shy about eating cock or getting fucked. Indeed, this is an enthusiastic bunch who play to each other and not the director -- who is not above introducing irony, whimsy and a bit of haphazard continuity into his productions -- all of which is part of his charm and success.

Vilem rents a tiny store in Prague, where he sells things like magazines, newspapers and snacks. But it's his little back room, complete with couch and daybed, which apparently is the source of most of his income. The movie starts out by making it clear that he is way behind in his rent and it also establishes a premise that every man in Prague would like to get into his pants -- but he's not quite sure that's what he should be doing. Before opening for the day, for example, a blond street guy (Felix Slovacek) propositions him by asking if he wants to make some money, obviously willing to pay to suck Vilem's cock (and this kid is quite a piece of work himself, baseball cap on backwards, slouching toward Gomorrah). Vilem declines, for the moment at least.

Somewhere close by, Matus Hornay, just past adolescence, is walking along and discovers he has no match for his cigarette. Out of nowhere comes bottle-blond Martin Bolek, whom Matus asks for a light. Martin gives it to him, and they immediately decide they'd rather light each other up. Both these guys are something else. Matus is a cross between early 90s porn star Jason Cruise and Don Grady from "My Three Sons" (in fact, he is almost a dead-ringer for that one, it's eerie). Martin is the Prague version of the kind of twink that passes for a gay guy-toy these days with definitely more meat on the bone -- all around. These two are so anxious to fuck that they try to break into several abandoned buildings before finding one with an open door. They run to the basement, start kissing and undressing each other, Matus drops to his knees and pulls out Martin's thick dong -- and someone else comes in the door and scares them out.

They wind up going to Vilem's store, because one of them knows about the back room (the subtitles here are superbly handled to tell the story). As they go in, a straight couple emerges from behind the curtain, which hides the room from the customers. The man, a Teutonic god named Miro Lauko, pauses to pay Vilem while the girl waits. She notices that Miro leaves Vilem with something extra -- a sheet of paper with something written on it. The two men then somewhat nervously bid adieu. Matus and Martin make their arrangements, and behind the curtain they go.

Their lovemaking is enthusiastic, but typically Eastern European. First Mathus takes his shot at lunching on Martin's interestingly curved cock, and does the usual lick-top-lick blowjob polka, which we have come to expect from Eastern European studs. Then, Martin drops to his knees and returns the favor, with even more emphasis on skimming the surface. But he does it well enough to bring Mathus to a cymbal-crashing climax -- he shoots tons of goo all over Martin's pretty face as the latter spills copious seed all over Vilem's faux Persian rug. All through this scene there are voyeurs around: Vilem grabs an occasional peek through the curtain, Felix the street kid peeks in through the window above the back room, until he's ejected from his perch by the voyeuristic landlord. Beginning here also is a nice little subtext with deliveryman Slavo Kopecky making his first stop of several during the day. You just know that this black-haired beauty with astonishingly clear blue-green sloe eyes will be back for more. Indeed, so are Martin and Mathus, who are not finished yet in the back room. We see Mathus pounding Martin's pretty blond butt doggy-style on the couch in a more enthusiastic fuck than their sucking might indicate would come. They move into a sidesaddle position on the couch. Soon Martin cums another splurge while Mathus is in him, and the latter pulls out and bathes his new boyfriend in a serious bubble bath of cum.

Vilem is finished looking, and starts cleaning up his counter. He finds the note the straight guy has given him, tears it up and takes it with other garbage to the curbside dumpster. He decides to close the store for a while and gets on the cross-town bus. This segue adds a bit more mystery to Vilem's character. First, he's changed his pants from black Levis (which really fit him well) to white Dockers (which will come in handy later). Second, midway through his trip, he looks up, obviously to the conductor (whose face we never see) and then you see the conductor's hand in Vilem's crotch, copping more than a little feel. Director Novak is setting Vilem up as guilt-ridden object of sex-starved men. He gets off the bus and wipes what must be a bit of pre-cum off the crotch on his pants, and moves past two guys who check him up and down: Pavel Novotny and Vasil Dudov. The latter is informed by Pavel that Vilem owns a little shop, and the two of them take off for other action. Vilem walks up to the Klub Stella, obviously a gay bar, and two hunks outside cruise him and invite him to their place. He declines, and goes in, where several gorgeous men are sitting around having drinks. He moves through the lounge to the back bar, all the while rubbing something off his crotch until he gets to the kitchen door. He knocks, and the hunky, wide-faced, dark-eyed bartender with bushy black eyebrows, Ondrea Seky, practically falls out of his tight-fitting shirt at the sight of this gorgeous man. Vilem asks if he has a towel: "I spilled something on my pants," and Ondrea drops to his knees and rubs the crotch clean. They separate, go to the bar, and Vilem slips into the men's room, all the while waiting for Ondrea to follow him. Vilem pulls up to take a piss, but instead starts pulling his beautiful dick as Ondrea sneaks in the back door to take a peek.

Caught in the act, Vilem -- who is still obviously fighting some should-I, should-I-not demon -- bolts out of the john to one of the couches. Ondrea follows him, sees Vilem spread-eagled out on a couch, drops to his knees, pulls down his fly and goes to work. The great thing here is that Ondrea is not one of those lick-top-lick Czechs -- he spends time on a cock, coaxing it, and in this case Vilem's grows right before our eyes, from a solid-six to a hard-eight over the course of a couple of nicely edited minutes. Then, all of a sudden, Vilem bolts up and throws Ondrea on the couch and rips his pants open, plunging his mouth onto an already hard cock. This is a great segue, full of spontaneous lust, and you can see how hot both men are -- and what a truly great muscular body Ondrea has (and glorious six-pack and tasty bubble butt). Vilem spends a while worshipping Ondrea's very fat cock before he surprisingly mounts the musclestud doggy-style on the couch. The fuck is solid and enthusiastic, with both men showing great pleasure. It's even hotter when Ondrea takes it missionary, with the camera angle over Vilem's shoulder showing to-the-pubes penetration. It's a long, sensuous fuck topped off by a long series of hot, full-juiced loads from each man. They collapse in each other's arms.

We immediately rejoin Pavel and Vasil, who have found a shack somewhere and go inside for some sex. They kiss enthusiastically before, predictably, Vasil drops to sit on the conveniently located cot, pulls out Pavel's prize-winning porker, and goes to work. Now, here is a man who likes what's in his mouth, but he's got a dilemma -- he can't swallow it whole. He does as best as he can, trying to nudge the tube past his cheekbones, but it's just too much. It's not as if Pavel has the biggest cock in the world -- it's just a monster to deep-throat when it's ready for action. This time, however, Pavel is also ready for action, and in something of a major departure, he moves in on Vasil, pushes him down, kisses him, pulls out his cock, and goes to work himself. Fans of this man will go into explosive ecstasy over this scene. No matter what name he has worked under, Pavel has always exuded a narcissistic air, which can be even more annoying than some of the great American prima donnas of the past (i.e., Rex Chandler and Jeff Stryker). Here, however, he is an enthusiastic partner -- he sucks beautifully, eats ass, pulls balls and cock through for licks and bites, and there are quite a few extended shots of his tongue up Vasil's beautiful pucker. He gets hot enough to shoot a waterfall of cum on and virtually in Vasil's butt -- and the little Russian angel responds with a monster gusher of his own. And we haven't even had the fucking yet. That comes in two ways. First, Vasil sits and rides Pavel's poker in a scene right out of the Calgary Stampede; then Pavel spreads those beautiful legs and goes up the chute missionary-style. Both pound and huff and cum again to climax a super scene, perhaps the best Pavel-Jan-Max has ever done, and one which puts a big spotlight on Vasil as one little ass to watch.

Vilem, meanwhile, is catching his breath back at the bar, and then quickly heads to the store. Soon enough, deliveryman Slavo is back with another delivery of what looks like to be the same case of orange soda. Vilem is back in his black jeans and no shirt, and they chat as Vilem puts on his blue T-shirt. Slavo leaves and Vilem goes out back to the dumpster where he goes through the garbage he discarded, looking for something (the piece of paper Miro the hunk gave him earlier). Back in the store, the blond street guy Felix comes in moves behind the counter, and the heat starts to rise. Slavo appears at the door again. Panicked, Felix ducks down beneath the counter. Slavo has forgotten to leave the invoice, but the kid has not forgotten why he came into the store. Out of Slavo's sight, he pulls down Vilem's fly, grabs his cock, and sucks him off while the other two are talking. Vilem cums all over the kid's face, Slavo leaves, the landlord comes in, demands his rent by evening, leaves, and Felix gets up and leaves.

Later that day, and back in his white Dockers, Vilem is still in the store when Miro Lauko, the note-leaving blond hunk comes in. "I was hoping you would call me," he says, to which Vilem replies, "I was just going to," grabs Miro and moves him into the back room. This is what both have been waiting for all day, and you, like them, will not be disappointed. They kiss, undress each other, and Miro goes to work (you will note here that Vilem has managed to change his clothes back to black jeans and blue T-shirt between the front of the store and the back room -- no matter, they are quickly discarded). The sucking continues for a while, when Slavo appears at the window and knocks. Vilem asks Miro if he minds a three-way, and we are off to one to remember. Vilem and Slavo suck Miro for a while and then Miro sucks the other two. The three perform various oral permutations and all of them explode in streams of cum all over each other before it's time for a serious fuck session. Here it's the blond hunk Miro who is the object of attention as first Slavo and then mostly Vilem take their shots at his fantastic chunky ass doggy-style while Miro sucks the one who is not up his ying-yang at the time. Before long, Vilem gets an idea and brings Slavo up to kneel alongside Miro. He then takes turns fucking each of them, poking Miro five or six times before moving in a perfect line right over to and up Slavo's ass. He does this about a half dozen times and the murmurs and smiles and pure pleasure felt by all concerned heats up the screen almost as much as the tons of cream which eventually gush forth from all three cocks simultaneously. Weld these three together hip-to-hip, put them in Prague's main square, and they could become a tourist attraction as a spurting fountain all on their own.

The flick ends with a shot of a line of men in front of the store. The word, obviously, has gotten out. Vilem will be able to pay the rent. And maybe, just maybe, if he's nice to us (and can teach Vilem that he doesn't have to keep changing his clothes every 10 minutes) Jan Novak will allow us to come back some day to visit, ogle, and spurt a little more of our own as well. I'm calling my travel agent right away -- off to Prague in the morning, with two changes of jeans, don't you know.

A Video Review by Bo Champion [ hXXp://www.ManNet.com ]

*** Highly, Highly Recommended ***

Starring Pavel Novotny (aka Jan Dvorak, Jaroslav, Max Orloff), Martin Bolek, Vilem Cage, Vasil Dudov, Matus Hornay, Slavo Kopecky, Miro Lauko, Ondra Seky and Felix Slovacek.

Directed by Jan Novak.

Codec: Xvid
Resolution of the video 512 x 384
Runtime 01:23:22
Language is not English or Czech, it is Dubbed to Spanish (Which is more common than the usual Euro language in these videos).

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