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The hot Brazilian cowboys like to get down on the ranch, and all the hot action is liable to cause a stampede.

It's early morning on the ranch and muscle stud Marcio Pittbull decides to wake up with a cold outdoors shower. When he gets caught with his pants down by beefy Alysson Pantera things quickly heat up and the two studs go at it in the great outdoors. In the end Alysson gives Marcio a hard asspounding that's sure to leave him walking bowlegged. Marcio's moans draw the attention of Marcello Cabral, another one of the ranch hands who shows up in time to gag Marcio with his big cock. The two studs plow him from both ends until the both shoot their hot loads on Marcio.

Hugo Ferrari is working hard in the fields, and what better way that to end a hard day's work than with some good hard sex. He meets up with Renato Furacao near the ranch house and the two young studs go at it in the yard. After getting Hugo good and worked up Renato bends over and offers up his tight hole for Hugo to fuck.

Viktor Cowboy is busy working in the stables pounding out some new horseshoes. Hugo Ferrari is still sexed up from his fuck with Renato and decides he needs to do some pounding of his own on Viktor's tight ass.

In scene four Marcio Pittbull is back and this time he is cooling off after working up a sweat. Lucky for him Claudio Atilla shows up in time to strip him down and help him out with a tongue bath. Marcio ends up taking a ride on Claudio's rock-hard cock and fucks a load out of him in the field.

Alysson Pantera is back as well and this time he is playing doctor with some horses, but decides he would rather inspect Igor Ximenes' hot body. The two studs get into it in the coral and Alysson gives Igor a rectal exam he won't soon forget.  [ -- synopsis from press notes as published at tlavideo.com]

(There are three additional scenes not described in that synopsis, but included in the play-by-play below. And there's another 20+ additional minutes of 'making of' footage.  Total video time is 3:22 !!!)

All Worlds International


Country:  Brazil

Studio :  Frenesi Filmes

Cast:  Marcello Cabral, Claudio Atilla, Igor Ximenes, Marcio Pittbull, Viktor Cowboy, Alysson Pantera, Hugo Ferrari, Renato Furacao

Director:  Julio Kadetti

[All Worlds Int] Brazilian Cowboy (2005)

Play-by-play from gayeroticvideoindex.com:

1. Marcio Pittbull OgAbRr, Alysson Pantera OrAtRg, Marcello Cabral Or
Outdoors at the ranch, Marcio Pittbull (ring beard) sucks and rims Alysson Pantera (starts out with sunglasses, a white shirt, and a stethoscope as the veterinarian; “Alyson” in the credits); Alysson rims and tops Marcio; Marcello Cabrall (black hat) comes along and facefucks Pittbull while Alysson continues.

2. Renato Furacao OgAbRg, Hugo Ferrari OrAtRr
In the yard near the ranchhouse, on a couch, Renato Furacao (shaved bald) sucks and rims Hugo Ferrari (scorpion tattoo on left groin, another tattoo on his right calf, ring in left ear); Hugo tops Renato.

3. Hugo Ferrari OgrAtRg, Viktor Cowboy OgrAbRr
In the stable at the smithy, Victor Cowboy (white hat, tattoos on arms; back cover model; “Victor” on the cover) sucks Hugo Ferrari (younger, ring in left ear, pink teeshirt); Hugo sucks, rims, and tops Victor in several positions.

4. Marcio Pittbull OgAbRr, Claudio Atilla OrAtRg
In the field by a bathtub watering trough, Marcio Pittbull sucks Claudio Atilla (younger, slimmer, frosted hair); Claudio Atilla rims and tops Marcio Pittbull.

5. Igor Ximenes OgAb, Alysson Pantera OrAt
In the corral, Igor Ximenes (front cover model; cord around his neck; frosted highlights in his hair) sucks Alysson Pantera from scene 1; Alysson tops Igor leaning on the fence and lying on the ground.
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6. Renato Furacao OgAb, Marcello Cabral OrAt
By a bamboo fence, Renato Furacao sucks Marcello Cabrall (black hat again); Marcello tops Renato.

7. Igor Ximenes OgAb, Hugo Ferrari OrAt, Claudio Atilla OrAt
On and around a small truck with a flatbed, Igor Ximenes (big fan-shaped tattoo over his right shoulder blade) sucks Hugo Ferrari; Hugo tops Igor; Claudio Atilla enters and Igor sucks Claudio while Hugo continues topping; Claudio and Hugo top Igor in a double penetration on the ground, Hugo uppermost.

8. Bonus scene that appears on some releases Two men on a green pool table, with some dildos, outdoors by some trees and a brown pond. The two men enjoy some sex toys and then have sex in this intriguing portion of the film.” One of them looks like maybe Alexandre Senna???

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