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DescriptionElder Holland is still in a daze from having the cum milked so skillfully out of his dick by President Nelson. The young boy had not seen the intimidating figure since he was roughly disciplined by the man for fucking his mission companion, Elder Oaks.

After being caught, Elder Holland was expecting to be spanked or worse. But when he met President Nelson at the temple, the man greeted him without reproach.

President Nelson's eyes roamed appreciatively over the boy's lean body.

"You will certainly have to atone for what you have done. But first your body will be consecrated."

The President wrapped his massive hands around the boy's biceps, cupped his chest. President Nelson even challenged him to an arm wrestling match which Holland almost won.

Nelson smiled at Holland and gently helped him onto the table. It was time to begin his second anointing.

When Nelson began to stroke Holland's cock, it was already dripping precum. Holland moaned and writhed as the liquid coated the man's hand.

"You want to shoot, boy?" Nelson asked gruffly, a light smile, playing across his face. Holland could only utter a guttural moan as thick ropes of cum shot out of member and onto his stomach.

Holland could only attribute Nelson's favorable attention to all that he had learned on his journey into The Order. It humbled Holland to think that he might have impressed this powerful man.

Holland began his mission believing there was no way he could be attracted to boys. Even when he drove his cock into the tender hole of Elder Oaks, night after night, he knew it was just because there were no girls to pump his load in.

But, spending so much time with the Brethren – held down by their powerful hands, his cheeks pulled apart, his hole filled with their massive cocks – it has changed the boy.

He desires these men and their attentions and the power they hold.

But now, the boy has a much more important test before him. He knows how serious it is when he arrives at the temple and two handsome workers blindfold him and bind his hands immediately upon entry.

"What are you doing?" Holland's voice trembles, but his dick is already swelling in his suit pants.

"Atonement is about faith and submission," the worker says, leading the disoriented boy by the shoulders. "So, have faith and do as you're told."

When the blindfold is finally pulled off, Holland finds himself in a dark room. As his eyes adjust to the light, he sees an imposing, red velvet chair from which President Oaks (Elder Oaks' father) carefully watches him.

Holland's pulse quickens when he sees that President Nelson is also there. He's never been in a room with the two men at the same time.

"What is one of your flaws?" Oaks asks.

"Honesty." Holland stutters.

Nelson and Oaks both smirk. "Why don't you tell me one of your real flaws?"


President Oaks grills the young boy about his sexual history. When he asks him what he fantasizes about, Elder Holland blushes and looks down at the ground. "I dream about older men. I dream about you."

President Oaks leans forward in his chair and his lips stretch into a wide grin.

He asks the boy about masturbation. Holland doesn't know what to say. He has of course masturbated. He has fucked President Oaks' son, and in turn he was fucked by President Oaks.

The questions force him to think about all that has transpired in these temple walls. He thinks it might be wrong.

Elder Holland is confused but he doesn't want to lie…and he doesn't know what answer these men are looking for.

"I don't touch myself any more," he whispers.

"There is," Oaks says, calmly, "a very stiff punishment for liars."

He motions towards a long black shape in the center of the room. Nelson pulls the cloth off the shape, revealing a bench with dildos, each larger than the next forming a line that leads directly to Oaks's powerful body.

"This is the priesthood stretcher." Oaks smiles. "Have a look at it."

As Holland stares, open mouthed at the stretcher, Nelson begins to unbuckle his pants. Holland is shocked, but filled with desire. His cock is aching to be freed from the sacred underwear.

"Something tells me you are enjoying this, Elder." Oaks laughs. "Now, approach the bench and show me how much you can take."

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