Hot House - Trust Me, I'm a Doctor

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Trust Me, I'm a Doctor
distributor Hot House Entertainment released 2010 length 135
category General Hardcore
studio Hot House Entertainment
rating out of 4 ***
produced ?
location U.S.
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director Robert C. Drake
Christian Wilde
Craig Reynolds
Dayton O'Connor
Hogan Wade
John Magnum
Kevin Armstrong (00s)
Nikko Alexander
Rod Daily
Zach Alexander
source: promotional material
Horny hung interns service the Doctor's staff and routine medical exams turn physical when you check into this twisted clinic. Just bend over and grab your ankles, it'll be all right. Trust Me, I'm a Doctor.
scenes /
loops /
source: promotional material
1. Craig Reynolds AbRr, Hogan Wade AtRg
Craig Reynolds can't keep his eyes off beefy Doctor Hogan Wade. When a flustered Reynolds drops a box of latex gloves the good Doctor can't keep his hands off the nurse's huge round bubble-butt. Hogan eats Reynolds' ass right there in the hallway, then bends him over a fucks him hard. Hunky Dr. Hogan pulls out a double headed dildo and finishes Reynolds off with a prostrate massage that drains the cum right out of him.
found in compilation Craig Reynolds Collection

2. Christian Wilde OrAt, John Magnum OgAt, Rod Daily OgAb
Poor Christian Wilde reports to Dr. John Magnum complaining of a problem keeping his dick hard. After an initial examination Dr. Magnum calls in the ED expert, Rod Daily. Both Magnum and Daily take turns sucking Wilde's cock, getting him rock hard with ease. Part two of the exam tests Wilde's ability to stay hard. Daily jumps up on the exam table and Dr. Magnum instructs Wilde to fuck him. Eventually both patient and doctor have fucked Daily until semen samples are collected all around!

3. Kevin Armstrong (00s) At, Nikko Alexander Ab
During a routine medical exam Dr. Kevin Armstrong shows astonishment at the size of Nikko Alexander's balls. The classic "Turn your head and cough" procedure leads to an anal cavity search but Alexander wants Dr. Armstrong to insert a different tool in his ass, the doctor's cock. Armstrong pulls out his huge piece and fucks Alexander on the exam table. Just before his young patient cums Armstrong grabs a Petri dish to collect every drop!

4. Zach Alexander OrgAb, Dayton O'Connor OgrAt
Zach Alexander reports to provide a urine sample but finds the clinic empty except for Dayton O'Connor. The twisted intern gets down on his knees to collect the sample but soon finds his lips wrapped around Alexander's anaconda-sized cock. After having his fill, O'Connor kicks back on the desk and forces Alexander's head down on his fat dick. Now hard and ready, O'Connor throws the horny young patient up on the desk and fucks him hard in every position imaginable. Ready to blow, both guys jack off and collect samples of their own thick loads.
see also Hard Medicine (Bonus scene)

action notes:
O=Oral; A=Anal; R=Rim; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;
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