The End of Dreams Chapter 1 Game and Extras (ENGLISH Update)

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DescriptionThis torrent is an update of my previous upload of the bara yaoi game "The End of Dreams Chapter 1" created by Hana from Pixiv. It is a game made on RPG Maker Vx Ace.
Along with the English translated game, I also included the old untranslated Chinese version for the others who prefer it. Along with some extras, such as the CG Art released by the creator,
some pictures (updated), animations and videos extracted from the game and such, a text file of the game summary,
as well as a crude guide for the game.

The game is all about Kevin (the player), who, from the recommendation of his father, plays a video game entitled,
"The End of Dreams" where he is then sucked into. According to the story, he is summoned to the world
of End of Dreams as the "Chosen One" to save the world. Along the way,
he meets heroic but quirky (and mostly hunky. :D) characters who help him on his
heroic and rather erotic journey in the fight against evil.

This is a good game, which is finally translated!!! It is, again, a game made on the RPG Maker Vx Ace software so the graphics in-game are somewhat reminiscent of the early Final Fantasy games..
Despite that, it is well-made. The game is easy to understand and straight forward. The CG Art used in cut-scenes are superb.
The story, despite mostly seen in Hentai games, is mostly fun and refreshing to see in a gay perspective.

PS: The Password for the Chinese Game RAR file is "Konohanaya".
It is also written on a text file within the downloads, labeled accordingly.
The English version is not packaged, so it has no password..
PPS: The creator said that the 2nd chapter is still in the works. In the mean time,
Have Fun Playing! Yeah!
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