SH/BF Guys Whose Names Begin With C

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DescriptionCraig, Charlton, Charlie, Corey, Carl, Chris.  In the Straight Hell / Breeder Fuckers (at some point the name changed but there are about five studios attached to this company, all with a similar idea) videos straight guys somehow become the victims (?) of some domineering butch guys who are merciless as they force them to suck cock, fuck them, flog them, train them as slaves and dogs and pets and often make them cry.  One of their tag lines for a while was "the tears are real!"  The straight guys actually come to the studio and go through some pre-testing, which becomes other films, and they get paid really well apparently.  It's enough to make you want to put up some ads!  I've been going through folders of files and putting them together in some order, getting rid of broken ones which are sometimes shared, and replacing them with good ones, and keeping the better ones where there is a choice.  For some reason, the "C" guys are mostly thoroughly special....

Craig is this lovely young guy who really seems appalled by the whole thing, and struggles wonderfully as his ass and mouth are stretched and he's turned into a compliant toy.  There's no photo of it here, but there's a lovely scene where a bowling ball is attached to his balls.  Charlton is one of my favourites - the setup is that he's a privileged preppy school guy trying to buy some dope and his dealer-connection just goes pervey on him.  He's mean, has a huge cock, and just methodically uses Charlton in every way, finally leaving him hanging, dusting his nose with coke and shoving his cock into his mouth and then pissing all over him.  This last pissing scene is pretty incredible as Charlton goes wild - everything else that happens to him is obviously, for him, nothing to compare with getting pissed on and he struggles, uselessly.  Charlie is a young fellow who ends up with his school tie as a gag.  Young Corey first appears in his audition interview, included here, and then is subjected to two of the meanest tops who show no mercy.  It's non-stop.  The exciting thing about Carl is that he looks like he's going to have a meltdown from beginning to end.  How do these guys find themselves signed up for this?  Chris is a beautiful guy who has to deal with the two doms at the same time.  The picture of him screaming is after they tie up his cock to a pulley and then raise him up so that his choices are to stand on his feet, rather than toes, or have his cock and balls pulled inches away from his body. 

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