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EPISODE 1: UNREAL ESTATE - There's only one thing in San Francisco that's as
in demand as ass, and that's real estate. In this city, it's all about the view.
And Gene, one of the hottest brokers town, has made a mint at it because he
knows how to read people. But sometimes, looks can be deceiving. Take Tim:
his company was just valued at over 100 million, but you couldn't tell by looking
at him. Will this be the one deal that Gene isn't capable of closing?

EPISODE 2: BIKER'S LIBERTY - Alec has flown a long way from London to visit
his friend Cory, whom he met in a chat room years ago and is finally meeting
in person. Although visiting San Francisco has always been on his list, he's
wanted to get with Cory from the first time they swapped pics. On his first day
in the city, Alec's got one thing in mind: shagging Cory. But Cory, an avid biker
and outdoors enthusiast, has another agenda: showing his British pal San
Francisco's unparalleled natural beauty by bike. In the end, Alec gets to see
the sights and enjoy the hardest pounding he's ever had on this side of the

EPISODE 3: RICH TWINK, POOR TWINK - In San Francisco, class and wealth have
never kept anyone apart. Take boyfriends Blake and Jake. Blake was born with a silver
spoon in his mouth, while Jake's more accustomed to washing spoons at his job in a
restaurant. And when Blake gets the big inheritance that he's been waiting for, he decides
it's time to show Jake some of the finer things in life.

EPISODE 4: PUNK ROCKS - Tyler was quiet in college or maybe he was keeping quiet so
he could watch while his sexy-as-hell cocky roommate Jimmy banged girl after girl in their
one-room double. The angst � and whatever else � that Jimmy had all bottled up in college
started pouring out once he came to the city's gritty South of Market district on vacation. Like
a moth to a flame, Jimmy found his way to Tyler's show... and Tyler, who's gained a bit of
confidence himself since they last saw each other, can't wait to give Jimmy the show of his life.

EPISODE 5: BIBLE BANGING - Riley Price plays Elder Jensen, a wet-behind-the-ears Mormon
missionary who's going door-to-door to spread the gospel. But he has no idea what's in store for
him when he knocks on Tony Buff's door. Once Elder Jensen bravely enters Tony's home, he's in
for the most unmerciful fuck of his life.

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