♺ The Boys of Wilde Island

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-07-19 |
The Boys of Wilde Island

Once in a very great while, a video production emerges that is singularly haunting in the
richness of its erotic imagery and content. Angel Rivera's most recent entry in the video field is
already on its way to becoming his most accomplished work t date.
"THE BOYS OF WILD ISLAND" is that rarest of male videos. . .
an intensely emotional roller coaster ride fraught with twists and turns,
danger and adventure, sumptuous beauty and sensuality of surprising depth and vision.
"THE BOYS OF WILDE ISLAND" is also a tale of the human condition, reminiscent of Goldin's Lord
of the Flies classic, but inhabited here by tropically-ripened teenage outcasts. . .
ravaged emotionally by isolation, enflamed and made desperate with sexual hunger.
You have never seen an X-rated video like this before. There may never again be another quite like it.

Year: 1990
Studio: Rivera Films, Natural Wonders, By Attraction
Director: Angel Rivera
Actores: Dan Meyers, Eddie Valens, Geoffrey Spears, Kevin Jameson, Kevin Young, Tommy Wilde, Trey Neil Tempest

Duration: 1:25:27
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