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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2008-11-16 by unknown |

Fascinating combination of the most artistic videography and the grossest fisting. Ass-action is in anonymous close-ups. Sometimes you can tell it's a different ass only by the color of a jock-strap.

In a foggy club, three dudes in chaps suspend a fourth in a sling. Two of them find a corner for one to fist the other easily, spreading hole with both hands, with strings of lube between his palms. Meantime, someone with huge meat fucks the guy in the sling. A Prince Alberted dick pisses all over Sling's crotch and fucks it. Another slinged dude's hairy hole is fisted very leisurely after a (hinted) enema, and hardly seems to notice it. Slimy goo leaks and drips and hangs.

In another sling, a mohawked youth huge-dildos a mohawked man's shaved-smooth butt in a sling, then slides open hands in and out of him, followed by a fist past the wrist. The hole looks like a hideous wound. Both fists sink deep into it, dangling strings of lube.

Someone fists two knelt-over dudes at once. They get loose enough for him to do some punching. The hole snaps.

Four more dudes, featuring a nose-ring, a cockring, tit-rings, a tattooed dick, and a P.A. wear vests as well as chaps (except for one "wife-beater"). The P.A. prick fucks a butt, revealing a fantastic starburst tattoo in the fucker's crotch, which gets fucked in return. There's another close-up fuck. Two guys suck P.A.'s tits as he jacks a wad.

Two guys get into a double-layered sling (one above the other). A guy fucks the lower while rimming the upper, then fists both as the fourth guy sucks the top slingee. Eventually the top hole as is being alternately punched by two fists.

The last fifteen minutes include a fist-fuck through cage-bars and the simultaneous fisting of a dude leaning over the cage, then two simultaneous over-the-cage fistings. The caged guy drinks three loads.
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