Elder Dudley - Second Anointing

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DescriptionWhen Elder Dudley's alarm goes off, he groans and hits snooze. But he's not alone in the bed — Elder Sorensen is sprawled out on his furry chest.

Dudley is exhausted from fucking all night long, but he has an appointment with with his favorite Mormon muscle daddy, President Nelson, and he doesn't want to be late.

He wakes Elder Sorensen up and the two boys hop in the shower together. Now that they've boned, there's no awkwardness at all between them. They talk and laugh and wash each other's bodies.

Elder Sorensen soaps up Dudley's hole because he knows that's the part of the handsome boy President Nelson will be most interested in.

When Dudley has put on his shirt and tie and polished his shoes, Elder Sorensen accompanies him to the temple and then gives him a long, wet kiss goodbye.

Elder Dudley's already hard when he heads into the temple changing room and strips down to his secret Mormon underwear.

Just a few weeks ago, he would have been humiliated by the thought of one of his priesthood leaders seeing him with an erection.

But now he knows from personal experience how filthy those older men are, how much they love to breed the boys in the mission and shower them in cum.

So he's not worried about his boner at all. He heads into the white ordinance room with his underwear tenting. He wants President Nelson to see it.

When he walks into the room and sees President Nelson again, he's struck all over again by how hot the man is.

He looks like pure sex in his white suit, but the boy knows that under those clothes President Nelson is hiding one of the most jacked bodies in all of Mormonism, as well as one of the biggest cocks.

And Elder Dudley can't wait to wrap his lips around it.

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