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DescriptionAn out of work straight guy needs a job.  He applies to a gay
bar not really knowing anything about what sort of experience
that would be.  He shows up at the bar for an interview and
the bar owner starts to make it clear to him what sort of
experience he might have working at the bar.  The owner
explains that the less clothes he wears, the more the bar
patrons will likely tip, and so he asks the interviewee to
show him some skin.  The interviewee in sheepish at the thought
of getting naked during his interview, but he *really* needs the
job and the bar owner makes it pretty clear to him he's going
to have to show some "initiative" to land the job.

Once the bar owner has his the interviewee naked, he asks him
if he's ever considered doing something with a guy, to which he
admits that he's thought about it, as he suspects most guys have.
The owner blows him and then suggests that its time he gives
his first blow job.  The scene finishes with the interviewee
fucking the bar owner and then asking if he got the job, to
which the bar owner says he'll need to have him back for a
second interview... >:D

Show Me You Want It  26:04  November 27, 2012

Show Me You Want It
Jessie Colter (as "bar owner"), Rocco Reed (as "interviewee")

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