[acceed] Bored Boys 14

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DescriptionTrue masochist boy's giant set! 【Gonzo SM】 First in frightening boy "Shouting" "Shouting" "Feeling" "Anti-panting"
Metamorphosis Masochism unfolds in front of the eyes Shameful shame of boys!

"Training Chapter 1 Simple boy Yuuta"
A young child who left a young child who volunteered to train himself and a simple boy. After physical examination of the boy's body, beat the whole body with a whip!
A boy who is further erected by being beaten. Next, spanking enough to swell red around the buttock with the palm of your hand!
In shame play, a penis erected in an embarrassing pose, an ass hole, the face looks full!
Shame play is more escalating. Outdoor shame while taking out naked on the roof. And shame in enema play.
Penis always erects in shame play and spanking! Masochism boy who can not imagine in appearance!

"Training Chapter 2: Nymphomeen Year Kenta"
A young boy who met on an electronic bulletin board. I trained this boy by telephone. A boy who took off his clothes by touching over the phone and touched the body.
I rupture further with a trainer's words. The boy 's penis gets hard and gets erect!
"Sprinkle with spit on the penis!" "Bite the buttock hole" The boy who is unable to tolerate further instructions said, "Please meet directly, not get on the phone, please train!" Pleading cry.
A boy who got the penis erect when he arrived at his boy 's home and locked his own body with rope was waiting.
Touch the boy 's body directly, squeeze the erect penis, stop the boy who seems to ejaculate many times and make it writhe in hell.

"Training Chapter 3 Candle Loving Boys Kaiiri"
A young boy with neutral facial favorite candle! Nasty M juvenile who always keeps pleasure in candles from ordinary. It is trained at home of the master who is always candle trunk.
When the boy who appears appears to be a piece of pants, the crotch is already a cowper solution, and for the butt a vibe! A boy who hangs candles in that state. Red wax hanging on white skin!
The whole body is red from face to toe. The more penis is unknown prototype, the anal drops candle as much as wax flows into it. "Pleasant!" "Please give me more candles!"
A boy who likes candles gets pissed while agitating loudly!

"Training Chapter 4 Exposure Addiction Boy Asahi"
Young boy with a young face. Muscular, tight and attractive body. Above all, this boy is anal anal sex addiction boys. And exposure-addicted juvenile who likes exposure.
Introduction Play the anus with an enema Play!
The boy who cried out while holding patience, who can not stand it will leak feces and urine.
Put instruments in the cleansed anus and tie the body with a rope. Wear a swimming bread in that state and wear clothes. Then go out to the field in a situation where rope can be seen and take a walk.
Take a train or walk through the city with lots of traffic! A boy who is excited about being seen.
When you arrive at the park you can put enemas. "Please let me go to the bathroom!" A boy shouting in the middle of the park.
I get shrunk further and get worried. Punishment and pleasure awaits for the boy who returned to the room!

Traditional SM gonzo training ever! Metamorphic nature of 275 minutes to expose in front of you!
Your excitement accelerates in the sense of the first experience in SM history!
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