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Juice - Bijou Pictures
Running time: 73 min. 1984

Stars: Eric Ryan, Jeremy Scott, Michael Christopher, Jeff Stone, Robert Vega, Butch LaCross, Emilio Leone, Francisco Lorca, Vincent Thomas

A photographer working at the magazine "JUICE" has 48 hours in New York City to get some hot pics to meet the mag's deadline. Eric Ryan and Michael Christopher, talk about 2 nice fat cocks! Michael Christopher in another gentle, sexy performance.

1. Michael Christopher Og
Photographer Michael Christopher is busy pounding someone's ass when Jack, Eric Ryan, orders him to produce photographs.
2. Michael Christopher solo
Michael jerks off to his pictures of Vincent Thomas.
3. Michael Christopher Or, Francesco Lorca Og
Michael can't find anyone willing to bare their prick for the camera. He even tries a porn theater but only gets a blow job from Francesco Lorca.
4. Robert Vega Og, Michael Christopher Or
Emilio Leone delivers a package to Michael and steals a jockstrap. Robert Vega comes around and gives Michael a blow job while Michael photographs cock disappearing down Robert's throat.
5. Vincent Thomas Or, Andrew Dupree Og
The next five scenes are inter cut:
Vincent Thomas is busy face fucking Andrew DuPree when Michael calls to try to sign him up.
6. Emilio Leone solo
Emilio jacks off in bed with Michael's jockstrap over his nose.
7. Eric Ryan At, Jeremy Scott Ab
Jack jerks off in his office while choosing pictures while Jeremy Scott watches and pulls his own pud eventually taking Eric's stiffy between the glutes.
8. Jeff Stone, Butch LaCrosse
Models Jeff Stone and and Butch LaCrosse make love.
9. Emilio Leone OgrAb, Michael Christopher At, Robert Vega OgrAb
Emilio goes back to Michael to take his own deliver of cock in the throat. Robert comes back for more and gets fucked while he and Emilio suck each other.
10. Butch LaCrosse OgrAb, Jeff Stone OrgAb, Michael Christopher At
The next day Vincent again avoids Michael so the photography session has to be between Butch and Jeff who suck each other. Michael joins the two by fucking them both.
11. Vincent Thomas At, Michael Christopher Ab
Vincent finally agrees to pose. Again Michael puts the camera down but this time he is the one taking Vincent's ass plowing dick.

Categories: Feature, Classic, Muscles, Pre-Condom 

Director:  Arthur Bressan. Jr

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