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[FreshSX] Straight Guys Fuck Harder [2009]

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Description"Following the huge success of Straight Guys Fuck, four straight guys fuck four more gay guys – this time to prove that Straight Guys Fuck Harder!

Twenty-three year old Matt Ritchie is the gay lad who gets paired up with hot Latin straight stud Leo Castro. In their interview Matt says he knows straight guys fuck well but Leo is nervous about the shoot.

In the bedroom Matt starts to touch Leo's body. Leo doesn't react but allows Matt to work his hands over his ripped six-pack and down onto his tight briefs. Matt takes out his cock and begins to work it slowly getting Leo harder as he relaxes and begins to enjoy being sucked by Matt's expert lips. Leo's cock is long, thick and juicy and Matt has a real talent at getting Leo rock hard.

Matt takes off his briefs and Leo starts to wank him off. As he gets harder Leo moves in to start blowing Matt's cock making him rock hard as well. Director Andy O'Neill asks Leo if he wants to try kissing Matt and he says they can try and they really go for it. Moving into a sixty nine they both suck each other off before it is time for Leo to fuck Matt's tight ass. Leo has a huge cock and Matt screams at first as Leo rams his hard cock inside him. As they move into doggy position Leo loves the tightness of fucking Matt and starts to fuck him even harder. Matt moans even more than ever as the pleasure and pain begin to mix together. They move into the missionary position and Matt shoots a huge load over his stomach before Leo pulls over and comes over his chest.

Jordan Fox is a dominant twenty-four year old French lad and he is paired up with twenty-five year old bottom boy Marco Di Lucca. Jordan explains in his interview that he is doing the movie because his girlfriend is away on holiday but he finds the idea of being sucked off by a guy strange and so he decides with the Director to start the scene with a blindfold on.

In the bedroom Jordan is now watching some straight porn and we get to see his huge cock in all its thick and juicy glory. Andy puts the blindfold on him, Marco enters and starts to suck on his enormous piece of meat. Jordan really starts enjoying it and puts his hands on Marco's head pulling his mouth deeper onto his cock. Rock hard, Jordan pulls off the blindfold and starts to face fuck Marco slapping him round the head too to show he is the boss.

Our hot straight stud starts to slap Marco's ass, pulling down his briefs and showing the red marks on his ass from his spanking. Jordan lubes up and sticks his thick cock in Marco's ass and they fuck doggy style, Marco groaning from the huge size. Jordan shows no mercy and fucks him harder, slapping him more to show him he is fully in charge. Moving into a spooning position Jordan fucks vigorously loving every second. Marco moves to sit down on top of Jordan before he lifts Marco up and they fuck standing up. Moving back into missionary position Marco shoots over his chest before Jordan flips him over doggy style again and comes over his ass.

In his interview after Jordan says that he really believes now that gay guys suck better than girls!

Mark Summers, a twenty-three year old English lad is paired up with eighteen year old straight guy Russ, who has never been with a guy before. The scene stars in the bedroom with Mark giving Russ a massage to relax him into it. When Mark turns Russ over and opens his towel he is already starting to get hard so Mark uses his mouth to work on Russ' cock. Next up Russ gives a go on giving Mark a blow job before they move into a sixty-nine. Mark moves into doggy position and Russ gets to feel for the first time what it feels like to fuck ass. Moving into missionary Russ fucks his tight ass until Mark cums on his ripped six pack. As for the rest of the scene it doesn't quite end as planned!

Twenty-three year old gay lad Kai gets cast alongside straight hot muscle stud Neil. In his interview Kai is definitely up for it as he loves being fucked by big cocks and he loves having sex with straight guys. Neil is more apprehensive as he has never fucked a guy before and starts by wanking over a girly magazine in the bathroom.

In the bedroom Kai starts to touch Neil's body moving down to his boxers getting out his cock and starting to suck it. Neil starts to get hard from Kai's expert sucking skills and soon his boxers are off and Kai can start to deep throat Neil's hot cock. Neil grabs Kai's face and pulls his mouth up and down on his dick making him even harder. Kai lays down on the bed face down and Neil starts to fuck his tight hole. Moving up into doggy position Neil grabs hold of Kai pulling him deeper onto his huge cock. As they move into missionary position Neil pounds Kai's ass and Kai shoots his load over his chest. Neil pulls out and stands over Kai and cums over Kai's face moving his cock close to Kai's mouth so he can taste Neil's creamy load."
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