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FF Sounding #7: Ramrod scene 02 20min

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Description"The seventh installment of hardcore sounding from Fetish Force gives you the most extreme of extreme sounding feats. These studs put it all deep into their shaft and get off doing it in Sounding #7: Ramrod. Jesse Santana, Tony Buff, Element Eclipse and Sebastian Keys give you rods, sounds and catheters a plenty in this display of sounding prowess.

This is muscled, handsome stud Jesse Santana like you’ve never seen him before. He sits on a saddle stroking his perfect cock, fingering his piss slit. He’s prepping it with spit, wetting it with his own saliva before he takes a lubed up thick sounding rod and lathers his slit up for some real hard-core punishment. He slides the smooth, shiny rod into his urethra until there’s only a small bit showing, then pulls it all the way and lets it slide back down until it disappears entirely. He slowly fucks his cock hole with an even longer and thicker rod, and you can tell by the look on his face that he’s enjoying every moment. He thrusts his cock up working it over the rod and you can see the rod through the skin. Finally, he goes to even further extremes with a foot long ribbed sound that he keeps fucking his hole with until he’s pushed himself to the edge and he slides in a smooth sound and jerks his cock wildly until he takes it out just moments before he shoots out a creamy load.

Tony Buff has a new selection of sounding toys to play with. Eager pup, Jesse Santana arrives and wants to play too. Tony chooses a super thick ribbed sound to start and slides it into the piss hole of his humongous cock. This cock hole can take some serious sounding and Tony’s just getting it warmed up, stroking away and feeling the ribbed rod massage the insides of his dick. Jesse is getting turned on by Tony’s play and he takes a sound and slides it through his urethra and his P.A. hole sliding his cock down on the rod as if it were actually piercing through his cock. Tony starts plunging a ribbed rod in and out of his hole and then lets Jesse hold the rod, while he thrusts on to it harder and faster. Taking a super long thick, smooth rod down his urethra, Jesse makes it disappear then jerks his meat until it slinks out. Not to be outdone, Tony picks up a 1/4 inch thick silicone sound that is well over a foot and a half long and he forces all the way into his prostate, punishing the inner wall of his cock and stroking away. Jesse comes over and pulls it out so they can jerk off together and produce one of the hottest orgasms they have ever had. They cum simultaneously with the huge shots of cum pushing out through the inside of their raw shafts.

Element Eclipse is an edgy, twisted fetish star. He’s in a medical room with Sebastian Keys making out and stroking cocks. Sebastian is a handsome fuck and he gets to the hardcore stuff right away taking a foot-long sound down his cock hole as Element plays with his balls. Element takes an even longer and thicker rod and easily plunges it deep into the hole of his huge, long cock. Sebastian holds the rod so Element can thrust his cock around the sound in long, hard strokes. They start sword fighting with the rods clanking against each other, sending vibrations down their shafts. After thoroughly lubing up his piss canal, Element goes for the grand-daddy of all sounding feats... he shoves a two-foot long catheter deep, past his prostate which conjures a stream of piss to flow out. And just when you thought Element took all the punishment he could take, he has Sebastian lube up a huge black flash light and shove it up his ass with the catheter securely in place. Element jerks his filled cock while Sebastian fingers his hole, the cries and moans of agony fill the room. He finally jerks his massive cock while he pulls on his balls and Sebasitan fucks his mouth until he sprays huge loads of cum onto Element’s chest."
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