♺ KO - Kuruu - Naked Housekeeping Businessman

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-12-31 |
New plan housekeeper husband I wanted this kind of shock! ! Lehman Masao dispatch office home naked! !
I will deliver the service of your dreams! !

Scene 1: "I do not like that you had finished cleaning, Akan, it feels good ...", the working body builder - house Masao erotic!
Erotic action that begins in the muscles of the bread clean ... wearing apron, "Do not Ya have to love yeah my muscles while I have been housekeeper husband"

Scene 2: Erotic Massage judo yuan scale service "w good erotic massage Hey I'm"!
Cock bulge why go under the suit with folded laundry, "fold laundry for the time being" ...
Are you excited to reverse any chance? "Ya I guess it seems, you ... "

Scene 3: "Come say" and the housekeeper Short beard husband will continue to clean the room while on the road ...
Mase Welcome Back ", please use night today. Pick up for the wait blindfolded husband to clean also "ass! The best service at the start of Toromanko! !

Scene 4. "Welcome back, I'm ???? ? Yes, today ? ? ? ?" cleaning housework, laundry, meal.
I was able to feel like a lover like. Then of course, plenty of ...
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