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Hot House - Club Inferno - Holistic

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Description"Check into the Club Inferno Holistic Medicine Ward where our hands-on therapists specialize in the most intense invasive anal exams in town. The cast of horny practitioners and their sick and twisted patients includes Derek Parker, Alessio Romero, Josh West, Preston Johnson, Mike Tanner, Christian Mitchell, and Brian Davilla. These alternative treatments aren't covered by insurance but we guarantee they're just what the doctor ordered: a Holistic approach to your hole!"

3 Reasons To watch This Film

Fisting: the best pain-in-the-ass ever.
I want to get four-finger fucked by Alessio Romero! No fair!
Doctors love dildos and you love doctors and dildos, so how could you go wrong?


There's no doubt about it, fisting is an art. I recently read in a sex guide that it's the most pleasurable sex act of all, at least for a man because he has a prostate. I'm a little hesitant to try having a fist shoved up my own asshole, but Club Inferno's Holistic sure makes it seem like it feels all kinds of good. I'm sure I'd be slightly more inclined to throw down in a sphincter stretch-a-thon if the fist coming at me belonged to Alessio Romero or Derek Parker, but at the end of the day I suppose a fist is a fist. It'd be probably be wise to find someone with a little less forearm muscle to break me in anyway. Better yet, I'll just leave it to the pros.

Scene one finds Brian Davilla playing fill-in doctor for patient Preston Johnson. At first Preston is hesitant, but he relents when Brian ensures him that he's "familiar with his chart," and will take good care of him. Boy does he ever - first with a few fingers, then with a giant dildo and finally with a fist. Alessio takes a shiny metal prostate stimulator to Mike Tanner's ass in scene two, followed by a couple bigger toys as well; and Preston makes his second appearance in scene three, visiting Dr. Derek Parker because he got something stuck in his rectum while he was playing with himself. At first the good doctor can't find anything, so he lubes up for a better look. Eventually he pulls out a giant metal butt plug, but the assplay continues for good measure. In the final scene, Christian Mitchell plays a soldier on leave who wants to have a little fun, but unfortunately he has a pain in the ass - literally. He begs Dr. Josh West to take a look, but instead of looking he shoves ice cubes up his butt and fills him with lube via a giant syringe-looking device before fisting him vigorously. Holy holes - that was intense.

Even though fisting has never appealed to me sexually, I found myself incredibly aroused while watching Holistic. It could've been the floppy hard cocks of the fisters, or maybe the hot and sporty jockstraps of the fistees, but either way I'm not ashamed to say that this fisting flick got me off. The doctor-patient scenario feels a little played-out by the end and the guys didn't go whole hog to the elbow like I've seen in some films. I'm also a bit confused as to why Dr. Parker was "let go" in scene one but shows up for work again in scene three. Maybe things aren't chronological in Holistic-land. No bother, the only time that matters here is a good time - and that's had by all. Throw your inhibitions in a sack and shove the sack up someone's ass. It's time to have some butt-exploring fun, and Holistic is a great place to start.

-- J.D. Luvdacock

Cast:  Derek Parker, Preston Johnson, Alessio Romero, Brian Davilla, Christian Mitchell, Josh West, Mike Tanner

Director:  Christian Owen

Country:  US

Length: 1 hr 31 min

Year: 2013

Studio :  Club Inferno, Hot House Video

Languages:  English Dolby Digital 2.0 (Primary)
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