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Hugo Antonin & Sven Laarson Pack (aka Czech Hunter 144 & 88)

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DescriptionMODEL STATS:
Model Name: Hugo Antonin
Age: 24
Home Town: Prague
Height: 178cm/5'10"
Weight: 73kg/160.6lb
Foot Size: EU43/US8.7/UK8.2
Penis Size: 17cm/6.69"
Profession/Student of: Unemployed
Favorite Sports: Ice-Hockey
Active Sports: Football
Movie/Music/Sport Stars: Oprah Winfrey
Visited Coutries: Italy
Want to Visit Coutries: Argentina
Zodiac Sign: Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
Model Name: Sven Laarson
Date of birth: 7th April 1995
Height: 6' / 183 cm
Cock size: 6.7" / 17 cm
Ethnicity: Czech
Role: Bottom / Versatile
Interesting Fact:
Sven wanted to enlist in the army. He didn’t make the cut, because he got caught with an MP’s truncheon up his ass! Who would have thought there were still undiscovered gems like Sven to be found in Eastern Europe?! Sven has got killer abs and a face that begs to get covered in loads upon loads of creamy white jizz!

A Few Scene Descriptions:
1) Hugo Antonin 2014-06-05 Czech Hunter 144 with Denis Reed.mp4
Today's spot: biggest park in Prague! I chose most busiest crossroad in the park. After speaking to two guys without any success I started to worry. Said to myself "Honza, three strikes out, now or never." So my next move was crucial. After few minutes I've spotted a young dude walking just towards me. From the very first moment I felt relaxed and confident. He had such a nice, approachable personality. We've talked about what he is doing for living and the usual stuff. Then I slowly slipped into sex questions. He was from the village so I knew I had to be more careful. But to my surprise he was open-minded. So now the only task was to choose a right amount of cash to offer.
P.S. watch the video till the very end, there is a funny surprise waiting for ya!

2) Sven Laarson 2013-05-07 Czech Hunter 88 with Denis Reed.mp4
I love to philosophise about my sexual preferences. Yes, I am into straight boys. And yes, I like blondes more. Maybe because I am blond myself. And unlike Jiri I am more into boys who have a job already rather than students. The boy I met this day was blond and well - well, he didn't have a job yet - but he wants to become a plumber. So far so good. I am still not sure if he was open minded or just stupid... it was really easy to make him show off, jerk and suck me. And not even expensive :-) Maybe he was even bi-curious but he insisted that he was straight. Anyway - he was a great catch. I will never forget how he was moaning and screaming when I fucked his little virgin-hole. Deal is deal.

3) Hugo Antonin 2014-08-13 Gonzo-Street Hunting with Borek Sokol
Our Street Hunting cameraman is on the prowl again. This time he finds the very sexy Hugo Antonin sitting in the park. They have a chat and when he finds out that Hugo is short of money the Street Hunter hones in, offering some to see some skin. It seems like easy money so Hugo readily agrees, showing off his hot body. Then they go off exploring, with Hugo then offered more money if he will wank the Street Hunter. After some persuasion, and seeing the money Hugo agrees to that as well. He wanks on the cock, looking around to make sure no-one will see him. Then comes the suggestion of sucking cock, for more money. This time Hugo hardly hesitates. He takes the dick in his mouth and sucks on it as he wanks. He feels the cock get hard in his mouth. But there are too many people around so they go deeper into the trees. After sucking that cock some more Hugo is offered even more money to get his jeans off and take that cock in his ass. Soon he has his hot ass on show, and his cock is rock hard too. He keeps checking that there are no others around as he feels the Hunter's cock slip into his hot ass. Hugo takes that cock very well, his hole being stretched nicely as he bends over. Moving again, to avoid passers-by Hugo lays on his back and the cock goes back into his hot hole to fuck him nice and deep. That dick fucks him good and hard and Hugo feels so good, with his own cock so hard. He wanks himself and soon shoots his load all over his belly.Then he sits up and presents his face to the Hunter's cock as it shoots a huge load all over him. The cum hangs in strings off his chin as Hugo smiles at what he has done, for money.

File List:
Hugo Antonin 2014-06-05 Czech Hunter 144 with Denis Reed.mp4    563MB
Hugo Antonin 2014-07-22 BD - Out In Public Anal Fucking At The Carwash with Drago Lembeck.mp4    609MB
Hugo Antonin 2014-08-13 Gonzo - Street Hunting with Borek Sokol.mp4    618MB
Hugo Antonin 2014-08-14 Airport Security with Martin Merlot & Borek Sokol.mp4    595MB
Hugo Antonin 2014-08-15 Tops Radan Flex Outdoors.mp4    517MB
Hugo Antonin 2014-10-05 STX as Florian Mraz Oiled To The Hilt Flip-Flops with Shane Hirch.mp4    922MB
Hugo Antonin 2015-02-16 STX as Florian Mraz with Harry Vakker.mp4    572MB
Hugo Antonin 2015-02-25 STX - Florian Mraz Fucks Sven Laarson.mp4    611MB
Hugo Antonin 2015-03-08 STX - Florian Mraz Bottoms for Benjamin Dunn.mp4    773MB
Sven Laarson 2013-05-07 Czech Hunter 88 with Denis Reed.mp4    390MB
Sven Laarson 2013-12-11 UNIFORMS Flip-Fucks Dick Casey.mp4    466MB
Sven Laarson 2014-01-14 Double-Dicked by Brad Fitt & Darryl Declan.mp4    437MB
Sven Laarson 2014-05-17 Fucks Jaxon Radoc In Uniform.mp4    786MB
Sven Laarson 2014-07-17 Tops Shane Hirch.mp4    988MB
Sven Laarson 2014-08-22 Bicycle Messengers with Mike James Johny Cruz & Shane Hirch.mp4    861MB
Sven Laarson 2014-08-23 Bicycle Messengers BTS with Mike James Johny Cruz & Shane Hirch.mp4    584MB

This is not Hugo's or Sven's entire pack of videos.....if you search for them there should be more, so if you are a fan make sure to search~
This is my pack with videos I really liked....Not sure if this will stay up long though...
cos the last torrent got deleted, so get it while you can guys!!
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