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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-04-16 |
2004, 74 min    Country:  Germany

Studio :  Rascal Video, Channel 1 Releasing

Cast:  Jan Fischer, David Low, Denny Martini, Johnny Hazzard, Lee Roy, Max Schneider, Milton Abdalla, Taurus Dean, Tony Rangel, Tristan Bennet

Director:  Chi Chi LaRue  Videographer:  Hue Wilde

Featuring an amazing cast (notably stunning cover model Jan Fischer) and filmed on location in Berlin, Germany at Bruno Gmunder's adult store, this is one night you won't soon forget.
-Keeneye Reeves

At Bruno�s porn emporium, it�s a wonder anything gets sold at all, what with all the rampant homo-foolery taking place right out in the open, in the aisles, among the magazine racks and in every corner. An international stable of splendidly physiqued cock thugz ignites quite a few bonfires here.

Three tasty Rascal Video Exclusives strut their juicy stuff: Delicious tattooed hotness Johnny Hazzard makes a special guest appearance to get his pert hair hole rimmed and the living daylights plowed out of him while cute punk-puppy Jan Fischer gets booty tagged by Tristan Bennet and creamed in the face with his rich load.

The remaining studs-for-hire are a hung assortment of racially diverse guys who, hopefully, didn�t get the magazines all sticky.

A bit too scant, perhaps, but it�s balls-to-the-sweaty-walls with hardcore suck-and-plunge action - in a public retail setting, no less!

Typically delicious debauchery from Chi Chi LaRue.
-Beef Stroganoff

more info avail at tlavideo.com

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