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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-07-24 |
Barcelona Bound: Shot on Location in Barcelona, SpainBRBR The story is simple and the sex sensational. Lovers Rafael Carreras and Lucas Foz are on vacation in Barcelona. They are doing the tourist thing and it seems that every picture they take has in the background guys that we soon see having sex. Their camera becomes our portal to pleasures of the flesh. As they scout around the beautiful city of Barcelona, Foz takes a photo of Carreras in which a priest (Berto Campos) and a construction worker (Vardeli Gardozo) are chatting behind him. The scene shifts to a corner of a church where Campos is sucking the humpy hardhats hose. Glamorous Campos lifts his robe to reveal an extra-thick tool pointing, rightly, towards heaven. When it comes time for Gardozo to get down to business he opens his mouth wide and services Campos thick prick, concentrating on the foreskin covered head. Ultimately, Gardozo sits down on Campos cock offering him a great deal more than confession. The multi-position fuck ends with two great cum shots, with Campos a true eight spurter. BRBR Next, the lovers take a snap of a hunky delivery man (Antonio Marquez) and a clerk (Dino). In a deserted wine cellar Carreras joins the workers for a thrilling, drilling threeway. Carreras eyes flash as his prize- winning prick is orally worshipped. No doubt, Carreras is the carnal centerpiece as he also devours dick with unquenchable thirst. You will love the way he uses his long tongue to lick prick, and you will cream at the way he and Marquez take turns screwing Dino with long, penetrating strokes. Every step of the way John Traviss camera is right were you want it, in the thick of things. The tidal wave of cum these three produce would moisten a barren desert. BRBR Carreras and Foz pass a matador (Andres Banderas) resting in a courtyard and ask to take his picture. This time it is Foz who steps up to the plate to tangle with Banderas. Foz sucks the compact Banderass banana and laps at his nuts and butthole. Banderas boldly blows Fozs big one and then offers up his ass for a hard fuck. Foz rises to the occasion pounding into the brave matador, both missionary and doggie style, with the fury of a wild bull. Of course, copious jizz follows. BRBR Down by the dock Carreras and Foz spot a cute sailor (Mario Perez) and follow him into town, where he meets a street clown (Nicolas Quintero). In a quaint courtyard the sailor and the clown suck face and trade expert blowjobs. Quintero rims Perezs rump and plows his sailor manhole with a determination that is downright remarkable. Following this hot and heavy anal action they both sit atop a wall, kissing and jerking off big loads. BRBR It is magic time gentlemen, time for Carreras and Foz to make love. Get ready for one of those scenes that you will be talking about for years to come. This is one of master showman John Travis greatest sessions of sinema sex, a session in which the screen is literally ablaze with lust and longing. Wet sloppy tongue kissing is only the beginning as Carreras, in a state of heat, sucks Foz down to his pubes over and over again, as Foz moans with delight. Foz tries to do the same for his love but just cant get all the way down. A human throat can only take so much. Back and forth they kiss and suck with yearning and passion that could only be real. You think it could not get any better, but it does as they fall into an outstanding sixty-nine. The screen is awash with eyes, mouths, lips and cocks. Carreras uses his tongue and his fingers to get Foz ready for the fuck of his life. Foz loves getting screwed as much as Carreras loves screwing and by the time they both fire off you will be offering your own standing ovation.

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