Samy Lakhdar

Middle Eastern
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Samy Lakhdar, algerien, tres passif

Breed Stallion
Etalon/Samy Lakhdar
Intrigued by his nickname "Breed Stallion", Samy Lakhdar decided to go to the other end of the city to meet this young guy with whom he had typed a good chat on Beuronline app. Arrived at his home in a dilapidated social building, the two guys put themselves at ease directly. Stallion wants the arab boy's ass and do not looses his time. Samy realizes instinctively that he must deal with real racehorse and that the fuck will be long and intense. His feelings do not deceive him! Stallion fuck all his holes for hours without the slightest sign of fatigue. Samy lets himself go and enjoys this moment of pure pleasure like a virgin who discovers fucking for the very first time.

Gay Arab Lovers Samy Lakhdar and Tahar
Tahar/Samy Lakhdar
When a gay arab boy meets a gay arab man, it's party time! The strike in public transports of Paris have not stopped Samy Lahkdar and Tahar from meeting. Between two young gay arab lovers, the mechanics of love walk at full speed. Tahar performs a full-flavored face-fuck to young Samy, who tries as much as he can to suck that big arab cock of Tahar's, which is destroying his mouth. The deep throat will be followed by ass licking, as fellow arab man prepares Samy for powerful shots of his big arab cock. Samy gives himself thoroughly to his buddies very large, fat, circumcized, big arab dick, while Tahar manages to fuck Samy's manhole without mercy, in every possible position. The mighty arab dick drives Samy completely crazy, and the young gay arab boy feels an incredible pleasure to being fucked rough. Between the two guys, romance is great, but the brutal fuck dominates the scene. Fucked rough and wild, dominated by more experienced gay arab lad, Samy enjoys every single moment of this once in a life time sexual act.

Handsome Algerian Wants Portuguese Dick
Cagouleur/ Samy Lakhdar
Samy is a young and handsome Algerian gay man. Like all young people, he wants to learn and explore the vices and pleasures of the flesh. Seeing the big cock of hooded Portuguese fucker, he obviously wanted to test. To be honest, this vicious male has a very heavy cock, one of those who give a lot of work even to the most greedy and experienced bottoms. The young Arab boy is not discouraged. He lets himself be controlled by the dominant Portuguese and takes that big cock in his mouth. First gently, then stronger, deeper in his throat. He will eventually offer his anus to the Portuguese fellow because the one must test everything at least once in his lifetime.

Hungry Arab Twink's Hole
Samy Lakdhar is a cute slim Arab boy loves spreading his legs to get his hole pounded. He can take it a dick for hours. Always on the look for a good seeing, Samy is meeting up with Oumarou, a black dominant male with a big juicy dick. At the first taste of the hunk's cock, Samy's ass naturally opens up. He knows it's gonna feel good!

In love with my Arab stud
Tahar/ Samy Lakhdar
The beard is a pride for the man. A beautiful black beard, well maintained on a manly guy, it makes you wet. Samy Lakhdar has found his new fantasy: top bearded men. When he saw Tahar's picture on, he obviously liked this guy. Three clicks later the two arab boys meet in a room for a love game, spiced with spits, slaps and rough sex. Sucking Tahar's big arab cock, very thick and hard, got up to be a real challenge for the young arab boy. But the youngster has given itself thoroughly to please his Algerian fellow.

Samy Lakhdar Wanks His Big Arab Cock
Samy Lakhdar
Samy Lakdar, is a handsome gay Arab boy, with Algerian origins. We must say that the young Arabic boy is very cute. Many straight men discreetly propose him to fuck his mouth and ass. He has this irresistible angelic face. But the little thug is also sex addict, how needs to be fucked by fellow Algerian and black boys, living in proximity of his social building. He also must jerk his big arab cock at least 3 times per day. Yes, Samy is very hot boy and needy. This afternoon, it's already the third time that our guy masturbates his big arab cock. Watch that wonder of Nature. His big cock is long, wide, very hard, circumcised, 22cm long... It's a kind of big arab cock that makes you instantly hungry for dick. The young Arab boy has also a hell of the ass, that he will show you here.

Worship Your Black Boss
Negro/Samy Lakhdar
Sometimes when you walk on the street in the Northern district of Paris you get stopped by guys trying to sell you cigarets or drugs. Returning home from the grocery store, Samy Lakhdar spots on the corner of the street that same black man, a 2m high killer-face guy who calls himself Mystifier. Samy was secretly watching this man for weeks. Having never bought anything from him, the black boss obviously realizes Samy's interest and this morning asks him directly: "Why do you watch me always like that ?! What you want boy?!" For Samy, it's was "now or never". He starts to chat with the beautiful black man, offers him a can of beer, and invites him to his place. Once at ease, like a wild animal well tamed, the black guy accepts to be sucked by a young Arab boy. Well heated by the deep throats, Mystifier attacks Samy's tight little ass and unleashes all his African power in young boy's little hole.

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