Massive Collection Of Machofucker Clips (Stash 1 - 339 Clips)

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DescriptionThis is my first stash of Machofucker Clips that I am streaming a torrent for.

On the Machofucker freepreview video section, they have 363 videos available:
339 Webisode Clips (all of which are included here)
22 Full-length DVD's (all of which are compilations of scenes already available)
2 Specials (a tribute to a deceased star and a special sale on the DVDs)

This is by no means a complete listing of the Machofucker videos and clips available... this stash is ONLY the webisodes available on their active free preview video section linked below:

I still have hundreds MORE of Machofucker clips that are NOT mentioned on the free previews section; and as I am NOT a paid member of the site, I have no idea how incomplete my overall
catalog of MF films is, but I did the best that I could

All of the clips are separated - and labeled as such:
"Title (Number) (Actors)"

Regarding titles:
1. Some scenes were reissued with different titles (Mr Marky Is Back is the SAME video as Mister Marky Meets Greg).  So I don't have duplicates, I only kept one of the names
2. Some scenes don't have title cards, but I cross-referenced the video with the clip on the Machofucker site to make sure it is the right video
3. Some scenes have "1" or "2" or "3" listed; as they are "sequels" but some of those are also mislabeled after being reissued

Regarding numbers:
1. On the preview site, they are listed from current (#363) on page 1 to oldest (#1) on the final page.  These numbers are only for my reference so that I avoid duplicates, etc.

Regarding actors:
1. All known actors are listed by bottoms first then top(s) last.
2. There are a handful of "unknown" actors as the MF site did not list them; if you know of any corrections, please leave a comment below
3. There are a handful of mislabelled actors (i.e. the video "BBC Slut Jay" lists the bottom as Jay, but he is the bottom Frost so I labeled the actor as Frost; leaving the title as Jay).

Finally there are at least 2 clips that have additional scenes at the end of the videos but I didn't list them in details; just put in the title (+ additional scene(s))

I realize that this is a lot of explanation for something simple; but I just wanted to make sure that anyone interest in this torrent collection is aware of the "contradictions"
from torrent to torrent, scene to scene


I will be leaving this torrent active for as long as possible, so grab all, grab some - and please re-seed.
Once the second batch is complete, I will be pulling this off my torrent and combining the videos from THIS batch to the secondary batch for a more complete selection

Thank you and have the lube ready cause there's a ton of monster cocks waiting to grab your attention!
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