TIM - L U S T - Volume 2 (HD)

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The story is epic. In the TIM treasure chest video vault we found several hard drives that had a ton of unreleased footage on them. It is astonishing these scenes have never been released -- until now -- newly edited and remastered!!
Featuring many of our All-Star Hall-of-Fame exclusives: DEREK ANTHONY, CHRISTIAN, DAN FISK, JERRY STEARNS, WILL and the last unreleased scene we have of DAWSON; and some TIM favorites over the years including DAMON DARKO, FYERFLI, STEVE PARKER and many many more.
LOST UNRELEASED SEX TAPES L.U.S.T. VOLUME 2 is a lost moment in sexual time and TIM history. Each scene is a jewel. Many of these guys stopped doing porn, some moved away, and some we still work with today.

Scene 1: Christian Mega Gangbang
2006. The cumshots for this scene were included in the BEST OF CHRISTIAN “every Treasure Island Media load CHRISTIAN has ever taken” cumshot review, but the full scene was never released. Until now.
CHRISTIAN is tossed into a room full of big dicked breeders ready to pump him full of seed. The pack of tops include JOHN ANDREWS, DJ HUNTER, DAN FISK, FYERFLI, TIGER SAMSON, JERRY STEARNS, STEVE PARKER and JAKE WOOD.
The guys use all of CHRISTIAN’s holes and he loves every minute of it. ALLEN ADAMS is there as the designated felcher and he is treated to an incredible amount of jizz straight from CHRISTIAN's hole. This is CHRISTIAN at his best.

Scene 2: Steve Tuck & Derek Anthony
2007. STEVE TUCK quickly shows top fucker DEREK ANTHONY how much he wants his dick by swallowing and worshiping every inch of his massive prick! Rigid and wet, DEREK is ready to slide into STEVE's sweet bubble ass -- pumping his dick deep with long slow purposeful strokes!
The two fuck until STEVE begs to be bred! DEREK refuses to pull out -- his balls clenching and shaft pumping as he delivers a huge internal cum shot that leaks a huge wad of sperm when he finally pulls out.
Ready to get off, STEVE gets toe-fucked (yes, we said toe-fucked) until he jacks his sticky thick load all over DEREK's hairy legs!

Scene 3: CJ Michaels, Chuck & Will
2007. CJ MICHAELS doesn't wait too long before he needs to stick his raw tatted cock head deep into CHUCK's super hairy ass. A ton of pre-cum leaks out from the hole and falls right into resident TIM-slave WILL's waiting mouth!
CJ continues to fuck CHUCK -- the whole time WILL's face is planted in the middle of the action -- tasting that cock and ass and catching every stray drop!
Ready to breed, CJ finally squirts a massive load and treats both CHUCK’s guts and WILL’s throat to a full serving of hot daddy seed!

Scene 4: Jay Taylor & Sean Erickson
2007. Handsome and horny, JAY TAYLOR and SEAN ERICKSON are the perfect pair! Poppa stud SEAN drops to his knees and starts showing his full appreciation for the huge bulge in JAY’s underwear.
After getting his cock thoroughly worshipped, JAY turns SEAN over and slides himself inside -- pumping and digging into that ass -- delivering not one but two hot loads -- leaving SEAN one happy cum pig.

Scene 5: Bruce West & Devlin Michaels
2007. The fur flies when DEVLIN MICHAELS gets his paws on BRUCE WEST. These two hairy hunks dive right in: sniffing, tasting and licking each other -- probably causing some awesome rug burn!
Legs up and ready, BRUCE offers up his fuzzy hole to be eaten, explored and worshiped by DEVLIN’s tongue. Wet and open, that hole is ready to receive a steady slow push of BEAR meat! Drenched in sweat and sharing an intense connection these two studs fuck long, hard, and raw!

Scene 6: Dawson & Dan Fisk with Allen Adams
2006. In what we think is the last unreleased DAWSON scene, the star TIM bottom is ready to give his hole up in his first meeting with TIM top man DAN FISK.
ALLEN ADAMS lends his mouth and throat to help get DAN slicked up and rock hard. He services the top stud until DAWSON is ready to take over and starts swallowing one of our favorite cocks.
Legs up and hole in the air, DAN rims DAWSON, tasting his hole and getting ready to slide inside! Balls deep, he gives the infamous fuck chute a series of long slow dick strokes until DAWSON is begging for his load. DAN can’t help but shudder and shake as his cock shaft pumps a load right into DAWSON’s warm hungry guts.

Scene 7: Steve Parker & Damon Darko - "Fun With Sounding"
2007. STEVE PARKER and DAMON DARKO cum together for an extended session of fucking and deep urethral exploration!
The hairy studs greet each other with chest punches; deep kisses and light frottage before slicking up their dick holes and stuffing themselves with thick chilled metal! If you have ever been curious about the sensuous pleasures of sounding, here is your chance to see it in full action.
Things heat up when Steve takes control of the situation -- rimming, fingering, deep dicking and breeding DAMON’s hole!
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