Alpha Blue Archives – Kiss Today Goodbye: Triple Feature (2015)

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Description1976. 60m.George Payne plays a handsome construction worker who finds sexual opportunities everywhere that he goes, but in the process he cheats on his boyfriend. The storyline involves male sexual desires and a growing emotional dependence, acceptance and understanding. The film ran a year at the Big Top all male theater in the heart of Times Square.

1980 83m.Claiming to be one of the most expensive gay films of its time (nearly $100,000), it’s famous for reportedly having been financed from a 1980 theft of almost $2 million by a Brink’s security guard. Lloyd’s of London, an insurer of Brinks, thus became one of the co-owners of the film on a technicality.

48m. Late-1970’s film of three college students seeking a “new and different” theme for their Master’s Degree thesis. Deciding to write about the gay lifestyle, they discover sexual pleasure along the way.

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