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DescriptionCher. Madonna. Colton. You know you're hot when you can get away with using just your first name. But, unlike the aforementioned lovely ladies, Colton is all man. He's no ordinary man, either. He's got it all -- looks, body, ass, dick -- you name it, this man's got it in spades. And what better way to showcase his wares than in a built-Ford-tough vehicle with the inestimable Chi Chi LaRue directing and scripted by the always-clever Chris Steele.

A man-in-the-mirror device is used throughout to advance to story: Colton stands in front of a floor-length mirror as he holds a conversation with his reflection in a well-executed use of split-screen editing by Andrew Rosen. His conscience (the reflection) reminisces on past sexual exploits from romantic to worshipped to whorish to hard-working.

In the opener, hirsute and macho Colton gets busy with cute-as-a-button Jason Land. Colton lavishes Jason's smooth torso and armpits with wet kisses before Jason unzips Colton's slacks and unleashes a huge erect cock for sucking. And suck it he does. He swallows whole the big thick piece without a whiff of trouble or gag-reflex. Colton does the same to Jason's super-hard upturned meat before going to work on a relentless whole-tongue rim -- we're talking major tongue-in-hole action here. He shoves his wet tongue in and out of the pert butt, eliciting squirms and moans from his overwhelmed lover. Jason then positions said rump over and down onto Colton's waiting face for more rimming action before sliding down for an energetic sit-fuck. They then move into a sideways-fuck, then missionary, and it is in this position that Colton's hard pounding causes Jason to ejaculate. Colton then straddles Jason’s chest to pop his load. Extremely hot men. Extremely hot scene.

Next, Colton is a statue in museum. A museum, mind you, with big stuffed animal heads also on display. Anyway, Gavin Braun and Jay Ross saunter in and are immediately taken by the statue's striking physique and ample manhood. They get so hot and bothered that they decide to fuck right there near the statue. Jay plops down and sucks Gavin's long dick. Gavin is a slender blond who bears an uncanny resemblance to legendary porn star Scott O'Hara (though not as hung, but still well-endowed). And Jay is a compact dirty blond with a very cute butt, so Gavin crouches down to munch and lick that cute butt before fucking it at Colton's feet. Throughout the fucking, Gavin and Jay grab and paw at Colton's dick. In the end, all three pop off their loads (Jay's climax aided by a bit of finger-fucking from Gavin).

After a high-and-mighty speech to his reflection that he's "no *****," he is reminded of the time he cruised and had sex with two men in a public restroom. The first, Adam Wolfe, a lean muscular man with a gorgeous dick, and then later, humpy Rob Romoni, a beefy man with an uncut dick and an inviting bubble-butt. Colton and Adam exchange glances as Colton takes a piss. Soon enough, though, Adam has kneeled before him and is inhaling that fat prick with gusto. Adam gobbles and slurps away like a madman, and who could blame him? Colton eagerly returns the favor to Adam's impressive meat before Rob wanders in to alternate between Colton and Adam, feverishly shoving one or the other in his jaws with reckless abandon. A rimming frenzy breaks out. Adam rims Rob's sweet hole, then he sits on Colton's face as Rob blows Colton, then Rob sits on Colton's face as Adam rims Colton's furry crack. The rimming here is superb -- no timid faux-rimming -- just full-on I-want-you-to-enjoy-my-tongue-in-your-ass rimming. Rob is then bent over the urinal for a harsh fuck from Adam as Colton stands nearby to kiss and encourage him as he does the deed. Rob then stands over Colton to dump his spunk on his chest, Colton is next, and Adam finishes with the biggest load squirted all over Colton's broad chest. (George Michael, eat your heart out!)

Last, but not least, is the grease monkey scene. You know the set-up: mechanic says something sexy to the customer, the customer blushes, the customer soon has a mouth full of cock. Here, though, we're treated not just to a couple of horny fellows, but a scene that progressively gets bigger and hotter. Brad, the customer, is a slim young man with dark hair, who immediately plops down to give Colton a blowjob. And before you can say "lube job," sex-on-a-stick walks in -- that would be Jim Slade. Jim is a taut and tanned man with smooth body and an ass that is just too pretty for words. In fact, his whole body looks amazing here and is toned to perfection. Colton dives right in for a sloppy rim of Jim's ass, Jim moaning and groaning with each lick from Colton's fat tongue, and when he's not yelping, he's swallowing Brad's bone on the other end. Enter stage left: Chad Williams, a svelte but muscular daddy with a dark goatee and furry chest. Colton welcomes him with a blowjob. Jim then sucks Colton, Chad sucks Brad, Brad rims Colton, and Brad sucks Chad. In walks Tino Lopez, a tall Latin hunk with mysterious eyes, and Jim and Colton take turns sucking his long uncut dong. Then a fuck-chain forms with Jim in the front. As he's being fucked by Colton from behind, he is also sucking Tino, who is seated on the hood of a car. Colton, on the other end, is being fucked by Brad with Chad bringing up the rear by fucking Brad. Then, spread-eagled on the hood, Colton is fucked by Chad as the others look on with envy. "Colton" ends with a bang (several bangs, actually), by way of a group jerk-off, all over a kneeling Jim.

Getting amazing performances out of the titular star and from each and every one of the co-stars is not an easy task, but Chi Chi has done it. Let's face it, there are not many men who have the magnetism, charisma and stamina to carry an entire video, but Colton Ford easily commands your attention (and your erection) from start to cum-drenched finish. "Colton" is easily one of the best productions of the year. Not to be missed.
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