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Now Max and Jake are back to bring you the first episode of their new reality porn series, RoadStrip. It's been months since GoGo Boy, and we are re-acquainted with the unlikely duo as they pack up and get ready to take a much deserved vacation from the city. At once enemies, then frenemies, then fuck buddies, then finally bonified reality "porn" stars, Max and Jake are ready to find out who they really are by embarking on a cross-country RoadStrip!
1. Equipped with a map, a stripper pole, and an RV named after the late Amy Winehouse, the two hit the road without a clear destination in mind. And while they don't really know where they're going, they do know they'll always have each other... whether they like it or not. Max kicks things off by revealing a big secret for the cameras, while Jake's addiction to Grindr and jerking off becomes a bigger and bigger problem to Max. They soon find themselves trying to out-annoy each other, which ultimately crescendos when they attempt to join forces and erect their stripper pole. The episode takes a turn when Max breaks away for a moment and opens up to us about the differences between his very public porn persona ("Max") versus his personal life ("George"). In this intimate interview, secrets are revealed, lines are blurred, and porn suddenly becomes much more than just sex on film. What we ended up capturing on camera was an authentic human being stripping away both his real and metaphorical clothes!
2. I am particuly excited with this episode in that we introduce newcommer - Levi Karter! Keep an eye on him -- he is going to be BIG! From the moment I first spoke to him I knew I wanted to work with him. He's incredibly talented as a dancer and tumbler. On top of that he possesses a raw sexual energy that would make grown men blush! And lest we forget those motherfucking bedroom eyes that make all the boys melt and bend to his will! So expect a lot more from him.
3. In this episode, Max Ryder and Jake Bass have made it to Hollywood. The sex scenes at the end are pretty hot! Fans of JD Phoenix will love this scene. JD bottoms for Jake Bass while Aiden Summers sucks Max Ryder. Then JD shows his versatility by fucking Aiden. 4. Max Ryder and Jake Bass finally found a reason to stop fighting: so they can have sex with Bel Ami’s Kevin Warhol.
Cast: Max Ryder, Jake Bass, Levi Karter, JD Phoenix, Ashton Webber, Kevin Warhol & Aiden Summers
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