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Original upload: 2015-09-02 |
Young Masters 3 mit Denny and Felix - Denny and Felix are sitting in the gym room. We all know about Dennys hobby to dominate every possible victim. And why would it end up different today. Felix has not done wrong anything, and still Denny goes after him. He fights him down pony style and uses him as footrest. Denny sits down on the couch and places his feet on Felix back and neck. He takes a few pics to let everybody know Felix belongs to him now. But Felix is fighting back, he gets up. Not the best of his ideas lately, because Denny now gets angry and has enough reasons to torture the boy. He grabs Felix, again he has to stay there pony style as footrest, but on top he has to lick Dennys sneakers. Obviously Felix refuses and Denny gets up, kicks to boy on his back and places his foot on Felix chest. He rips the shirt off the boy’s body and this is when the real domination only starts. Chokes, spitting, slapping with feet and hands, Denny uses all to discipline Felix. He even crushes an apply with his sneakers in Felix hand and Felix has to lick the rest off the soles. Denny gets rid of his shoes and places his white sox on Felix face. And a bit later, sox are gone too and Felix sucks Dennys feet and endures foot domination at its best. With submission holds, Felix gets humiliated. This is a classic top quality video in the domination scene.
2021-11-23 02:19:24
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