LatinBoyz - Lil Gee, Lil Thumper and Lil Trouble Pack (Bareback)

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1. LIL GEE… Who doesn’t love gay cholos with big uncut cock?:

Age: 20;
Height: 5′ 8″;
Wegiht: 135 lbs.;
Nationality: Mexican-American.

His nickname might be Lil Gee but as you can see there isn’t anything little about him. He’s 20 years old and originally from Texas. He told us he grew up in a rough neighborhood and learned to act tough as a means of self defense but he’s really a nice guy that loves to party and have a good time. He’s versatile and loves fucking as much as getting fucked but his favorite thing to do sexually is getting his big uncut cock sucked.

2. Bullet and Lil Gee… Broke straight nude latin men fucking:

We’ve wanted to see Bullet’s fat uncut cock fucking one of our other models for a while. Although he had his dick sucked by a guy once before he has never fucked anyone… girl or guy… in the ass. We knew we had a chance to get him into a video when he told us that and then added, “But I’ve always wanted to try it.”

We heard Lil Gee had a tight ass and know he likes getting fucked so we set it up. Bullet was nervous at first but once he got his dick inside that tight hole he knew just what to do. After he was done using LG’s butt for his pleasure he told us he liked it and that his ass was definitely tighter than any pussy he had ever fucked.

3. Diablito:

Nationality: Mexican;
Birthplace: Mexicali;
Age: 18;
Birthdate: February 1st (Aquarius);
Height 5'7;
Weight 140 lbs;
Cock: 7 inches uncut.

Orientation: Didn't answer;
Sexual Turn Ons.... "Someone that can go all night just like me";
Sexual Turn Offs... "Somene that just lays there and is boring. I need someone that can get nasty";
Sexual Fantasy.... "Outdoor sex in the wilderness."

4. Lil Thumper:

Nationality: Guatamalen;
Birthplace: Los Angeles;
Age: 18;
Height 5'4;
Weight 100 lbs.;
Cock: 6.5 inches uncut.

Orientation: Gay - versatile;
Sexual Turn Ons.... "Guys who are cholos with shaved heads and tattoos";
Sexual Turn Offs... "I hate conceited guys who think they are all that";
Sexual Fantasy.... "Damn! I have to many to list here".

5. Diablito and Lil Thumper:

LatinBoyz models Diablito, Juan, and Lil Thumper got together for a little kick back recently along with Diablito's cousin Angelito. After Juan & Angelito left to watch TV in the other room Diablito and Lil Thumper took advantage of the time alone and had some hot LatinBoy on LatinBoy sex.

6. Andy and Lil Trouble…Hot bareback action in this gay latin porn:

Lil Trouble has been trying to get with his neighbor, a sexy straight Mexican papi named Andy, for a long time but couldn’t convince him to fuck around. Then one day in passing he mentioned how he needed to make some cash and Lil Trouble got the idea of contacting a phtographer he knows in Mexico to see if he would pay them to have sex. That’s all it took to convince Andy who let Lil Trouble suck him up and then fucked him bareback. Video only set.

7. Chulito and Lil Trouble… Broke straight chulo in Latin bareback video:

Even though he tells us he’s straight we know Chulito likes to fuck and he likes to make $$$ so he was more than happy to fuck Lil Trouble’s tight ass. Trouble loves getting fucked but had trouble getting used to Chulito’s thick Mexican cock at first although once he relaxed he enjoyed every inch of it. Video only set.
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