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1. Boy-faced Diego Lozana and sexy-lips Jeferson Garces are sitting in a bar having a few brews when Jorge Ervet decides to take a much-needed break from stacking beer crates. Suddenly, he strips off his sexy one-piece jumpsuit, revealing a hugely developed chest and smooth, cut abs. The two boy buds who were licking their mouths in anticipation finally get their wish when all three hot Brazilians begin a mouth-watering, cum-spilling, suck and fuck session, centering around Jorges mega-dick, which takes TWO (maybe three?) mouths to fully engorge!

2. Half-awake, half-dreaming, Jeferson Garces caresses his own cock until two underwear-clad beauties appear out of nowhere. Both men begin tonguing the dream-boy, licking the briefs right off of each other. The bottom's hole is wettened and fingered in preparation for the pounding fuck session which follows. Producer Alexander must have sought high and wide all over Brazil for the largest cocks on the hottest musclemen. The man-dicks on these men should be measured in meters, not inches. The beautiful, round, fluffy bed, all in white, then becomes the scene for the climax of the sex session when globular clusters spew forth, rivaling the Big Bang itself.

3. A soccer match plays in the background as Jeferson walks through the streets of Rio to his home office where he is having computer problems. He phones a friend Manuel to cum over to fix the problem. Jefereson begins to thank his friend Manuel for helping him by rubbing his leg and crotch. "Let's keep it a secret," Manuel advises in his erotic Brazilian tongue. After a hot suck-off, it is Manuels tongue which begins to caress the tight, smooth hole of Jeferson, readying it for a hard banging. The extremely young stud takes it like a full-grown man, spreading his legs further apart to accommodate his computer saavy friend. Finally, the scene erupts in a messy, white, wet explosion.
4. After all of his cock-stiffening fantasies, Ramón finds himself in a disco, dancing and stripping with Antonio Jacques, another big-muscled, dick-stuffing hottie. In the back room behind the stage, Jeferson Garces finds himself in the middle of the two erotic models, pleasuring both of them as he stuffs his mouth with one gigantic cock after another. The two dancers use and abuse all of Jefersons orifices, thumping and hammering their massive members until their jiz is finally spewed in pulsating delight. We then see how truly horny Ramón has been all this time, when he finally blows his buckets of white man-juice all over Jeferson s cute boy bod!

5. Its gonna be sweet. Especially when big-muscled Denis Torres is licked and tongued by super-young Jeferson Garces. When Denis' cock is finally fully exposed, we are treated to a suck-off session of gargantuan proportions. His cock is the entire size of Jefersons boy-face, but he manages to devour it anyway, deep-throating his man-partner until he decides that he wants to take the huge ½-meter pole into his waiting man-hole. Even though his cute, firm ass doesnt even look big enough to envelop Denis' entire cock, he somehow manages to take it all. The fuck frenzy continues as the tatooed top roughs up his boy bottom buddy until they both explode in a noisy cum-splattering fury.

Cast:  Jefferson Garcia, Diego Lozana, Jorge Ervet, Manuel, Ramón, Antonio Jacques, Denis Torres
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