TwinkAcademy - Partial Rip - Twinks strip, jack off, and fuck in their dorm rooms

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DescriptionContains most of the website, including all updates between 2012 and late February 2015. Almost all of London's campus is here, most of Riga's campus, and a good portion of Bogota's campus. (I did this because torrents of the Bogota models are much easier to find on the internet).

All twinks inside are hot, fit, and plenty are well-endowed. Watch them develop their relationships over time from mere roommates into full-fledged fuck buddies. Where are some really hot storylines in here, too, from Damian catching Michael jacking off to a picture of his girlfriend and fucking him to make up for it, to Juancho riding Harold's huge cock on the nightstand.

Includes the headmaster's files on the student as PNG screenshots. (Sample included in the preview).

Seedbonus definitely appreciated! It took a lot of work (and some money) to put this all together for you. It's a tough website to navigate and download. But any thank you is welcome :)

GerardoBoris1.wmv 64.2mb
GerardoBoris2.wmv 62.0mb
GerardoBoris3.wmv 64.8mb
GerardoBoris4.wmv 62.6mb
GerardoBoris5.wmv 65.7mb
GerardoBoris6.wmv 63.4mb
boris1.png 485kb
boris2.png 572kb
boris3.png 770kb
boris4.png 711kb
boris5.png 613kb
gerardo1.png 482kb
gerardo2.png 741kb
gerardo3.png 646kb
cristian1.png 489kb
cristian2.png 553kb
cristian3.png 632kb
guillermo1.png 490kb
guillermo2.png 581kb
guillermo3.png 776kb
guillermo4.png 611kb
guillermocristian1.wmv 62.4mb
guillermocristian2.wmv 62.2mb
guillermocristian3.wmv 62.5mb
guillermocristian4.wmv 62.3mb
fausto1.png 493kb
fausto2.png 643kb
fausto3.png 612kb
haiver1.png 489kb
haiver2.png 699kb
haiver3.png 757kb
haiver4.png 632kb
haiver5.png 607kb
haiverfausto1.wmv 62.0mb
haiverfausto2.wmv 61.9mb
haiverfausto3.wmv 62.4mb
haiverfausto5.wmv 64.0mb
edison1.png 510kb
edison2.png 526kb
edison3.png 641kb
jackson1.png 486kb
jackson2.png 559kb
jackson3.png 770kb
jackson4.png 655kb
jackson5.png 616kb
jacksonedison1.wmv 62.0mb
jacksonedison2.wmv 62.7mb
jacksonedison3.wmv 71.5mb
jacksonedison4.wmv 59.0mb
jacksonedison5.wmv 69.9mb
jacksonedison6.wmv 64.4mb
cristobal1.png 494kb
cristobal2.png 587kb
cristobal3.png 614kb
jimmy1.png 485kb
jimmy2.png 592kb
jimmy3.png 756kb
jimmy4.png 672kb
jimmy5.png 632kb
jimmycristobal1.wmv 54.4mb
jimmycristobal2.wmv 55.9mb
jimmycristobal3.wmv 51.3mb
jimmycristobal4.wmv 56.6mb
jimmycristobal5.wmv 55.7mb
jimmycristobal6.wmv 60.9mb
harold1.png 486kb
harold2.png 606kb
harold3.png 738kb
harold4.png 620kb
harold5.png 616kb
harold6.png 486kb
harold7.png 680kb
harold8.png 635kb
juanchoharold1.wmv 52.9mb
juanchoharold2.wmv 51.3mb
juanchoharold3.wmv 56.8mb
juanchoharold4.wmv 57.8mb
juanchoharold5.wmv 58.1mb
juanchoharold6.wmv 60.3mb
ronaldo1.png 488kb
ronald2.png 584kb
ronald3.png 758kb
ronald4.png 603kb
wilfrido1.png 492kb
wilfrido2.png 558kb
wilfrido3.png 630kb
ronaldwilfrido1.wmv 54.3mb
ronaldwilfrido2.wmv 50.0mb
ronaldwilfrido3.wmv 52.5mb
ronaldwilfrido4.wmv 53.5mb
MatiasRicky4.rmvb 37.1mb
MatiasRicky5.rmvb 37.1mb
MatiasRicky6.rmvb 37.1mb
adam1.png 497kb
adam2.png 608kb
adam3.png 793kb
adam4.png 752kb
adam5.png 637kb
AdamClive01.rmvb 12.5mb
AdamClive02.rmvb 32.3mb
AdamClive03.rmvb 34.3mb
AdamClive04.rmvb 27.8mb
AdamClive05.rmvb 32.2mb
AdamClive06.rmvb 33.4mb
AdamClive07a.rmvb 25.1mb
AdamClive07b.rmvb 23.4mb
clive1.png 486kb
clive2.png 548kb
clive3.png 605kb
alexander1.png 496kb
alexander2.png 611kb
alexander3.png 638kb
alexander4.png 577kb
alexander5.png 613kb
AlexanderPeter01.rmvb 25.0mb
AlexanderPeter02.rmvb 19.9mb
AlexanderPeter03.rmvb 17.4mb
AlexanderPeter04.rmvb 15.0mb
AlexanderPeter05.rmvb 25.0mb
AlexanderPeter06.rmvb 30.4mb
AlexanderPeter07.rmvb 8.9mb
AlexanderPeter08.rmvb 23.3mb
AlexanderPeter09a.rmvb 37.6mb
AlexanderPeter09b.rmvb 37.6mb
AlexanderPeter09c.rmvb 36.9mb
AlexanderPeter10.rmvb 30.0mb
AlexanderPeter11.rmvb 24.8mb
AlexanderPeter12.rmvb 34.7mb
peter1.png 499kb
peter2.png 576kb
peter3.png 613kb
peter4.png 759kb
peter5.png 780kb
peter6.png 734kb
peter7.png 681kb
bruce1.png 488kb
bruce2.png 721kb
bruce3.png 749kb
bruce4.png 735kb
bruce5.png 609kb
BruceKeith01.rmvb 20.7mb
BruceKeith02.rmvb 32.2mb
BruceKeith03a.rmvb 34.3mb
BruceKeith03b.rmvb 22.9mb
BruceKeith04.rmvb 12.6mb
BruceKeith05a.rmvb 21.6mb
BruceKeith05b.rmvb 15.8mb
keith1.png 494kb
keith2.png 582kb
keith3.png 637kb
bigby1.png 508kb
bigby2.png 565kb
bigby3.png 636kb
caspar1.png 505kb
caspar2.png 608kb
caspar3.png 764kb
caspar4.png 609kb
CasparTyler1.wmv 107.9mb
CasparTyler2.wmv 112.1mb
CasparTyler3.wmv 113.0mb
CasparTyler4.wmv 117.4mb
clifton1.png 502kb
clifton2.png 569kb
clifton3.png 793kb
clifton4.png 790kb
clifton5.png 648kb
CliftonRoddy01.rmvb 28.8mb
CliftonRoddy02.rmvb 13.8mb
CliftonRoddy03a.rmvb 31.3mb
CliftonRoddy03b.rmvb 31.4mb
CliftonRoddy03c.rmvb 31.5mb
CliftonRoddy04a.rmvb 37.6mb
CliftonRoddy04b.rmvb 37.5mb
CliftonRoddy05a.rmvb 37.6mb
roddy1.png 504kb
roddy2.png 610kb
roddy3.png 636kb
damian1.png 506kb
damian2.png 588kb
damian3.png 636kb
damianmichael01.rmvb 30.9mb
damianmichael02.rmvb 40.6mb
damianmichael03.rmvb 14.1mb
damianmichael04.rmvb 31.4mb
damianmichael05.rmvb 13.3mb
damianmichael06.rmvb 22.5mb
damianmichael07.rmvb 13.0mb
damianmichael08a.rmvb 28.9mb
damianmichael08b.rmvb 34.4mb
damianmichael08c.rmvb 19.4mb
damianmichael08d.rmvb 32.5mb
damianmichael09.rmvb 37.2mb
damianmichael10.rmvb 15.0mb
damianmichael11.rmvb 34.8mb
damianmichael12a.rmvb 20.1mb
damianmichael12b.rmvb 30.7mb
damianmichael12c.rmvb 23.5mb
damianmichael13.rmvb 19.4mb
michaeledwardes1.png 494kb
michaeledwardes2.png 584kb
michaeledwardes3.png 779kb
michaeledwardes4.png 784kb
michaeledwardes5.png 761kb
michaeledwardes6.png 816kb
michaeledwardes7.png 673kb
michaeledwardes8.png 607kb
dan1.png 503kb
dan2.png 629kb
dan3.png 807kb
dan4.png 635kb
dan5.png 602kb
dankirk1.wmv 59.1mb
dankirk2.wmv 60.1mb
dankirk3.wmv 114.1mb
dankirk4.wmv 117.5mb
dankirk5.wmv 117.5mb
kirk1.png 497kb
kirk2.png 611kb
kirk3.png 606kb
desmond1.png 508kb
desmond2.png 595kb
desmond3.png 685kb
desmond4.png 624kb
desmondedmund1.wmv 80.1mb
desmondedmund2.wmv 85.2mb
edmund1.png 485kb
edmund2.png 629kb
edmund3.png 594kb
donald1.png 495kb
donald2.png 531kb
donald3.png 780kb
donald4.png 637kb
donaldwillard1.wmv 107.9mb
donaldwillard2.wmv 109.9mb
donaldwillard3.wmv 116.9mb
donaldwillard4.wmv 112.7mb
willard1.png 498kb
willard2.png 565kb
willard3.png 637kb
farley1.png 497kb
farley2.png 566kb
farley3.png 770kb
farley4.png 602kb
farleymervyn1.wmv 105.7mb
farleymervyn2.wmv 115.0mb
farleymervyn3.wmv 111.8mb
farleymervyn4.wmv 84.6mb
mervyn1.png 494kb
mervyn2.png 670kb
mervyn3.png 636kb
jaydon1.png 501kb
jaydon2.png 537kb
jaydon3.png 607kb
jaydon4.png 787kb
jaydon5.png 695kb
jaydonruss1.wmv 65.4mb
jaydonruss2.wmv 62.9mb
jaydonruss4.wmv 106.3mb
jaydonruss5.wmv 369.0mb
jaydonruss6.wmv 154.7mb
russ1.png 498kb
russ2.png 656kb
russ3.png 605kb
johnpaul1.png 510kb
johnpaul2.png 602kb
johnpaul3.png 831kb
johnpaul4.png 633kb
marco1.png 502kb
marco2.png 575kb
marco3.png 634kb
TAjohnpaulmarco1.wmv 114.9mb
tajohnpaulmarco2.wmv 62.0mb
tajohnpaulmarco3.wmv 115.6mb
tajohnpaulmarco4.wmv 117.0mb
jonathan1.png 496kb
jonathan2.png 584kb
jonathan3.png 714kb
jonathan4.png 678kb
jonathan5.png 640kb
jonathanneville01.rmvb 33.9mb
jonathanneville02.rmvb 33.0mb
jonathanneville03a.rmvb 34.5mb
jonathanneville03b.rmvb 37.5mb
jonathanneville04a.rmvb 26.2mb
jonathanneville04b.rmvb 23.5mb
jonathanneville04c.rmvb 22.2mb
neville1.png 504kb
neville2.png 568kb
neville3.png 610kb
justin1.png 493kb
justin2.png 583kb
justin3.png 780kb
justin4.png 707kb
justin5.png 602kb
justinleodorm01.wmv 371.5mb
justinleodorm02.wmv 62.9mb
justinleodorm03.wmv 60.2mb
justinleodorm04.wmv 113.3mb
justinleodorm05.wmv 363.1mb
justinleodorm06.wmv 363.3mb
leo1.png 499kb
leo2.png 545kb
leo3.png 631kb
alex1.png 503kb
alex2.png 567kb
alex3.png 753kb
alex4.png 621kb
alex5.png 612kb
leroy1.png 489kb
leroy2.png 592kb
leroy3.png 634kb
leroyalex01.wmv 61.2mb
leroyalex02.wmv 60.8mb
leroyalex03.wmv 123.3mb
leroyalex04.wmv 114.4mb
leroyalex05.wmv 112.9mb

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