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Clips of Zack the Police Officer from Str8boyz Seduced

My Roomate Zack - Just In Time - 1.92 mins

I'm awakened by the sounds of moaning so I grab my camera quick and sneek into the living room to find Zack choking his squirrel. I just manage to capture his him busting his nut. ''fucking creamy load!'' he says, and ''it's still cummin'!'' as he squeezes out the last drop.

Stroke It Straight 3 - Zack - 8.33 mins

Police officer Zack hasn’t been around for some time so when it’s time to get jiggy for the camera he’s ready to rock ‘n’ roll! He strokes his cock to the porno then for the finale Zack lets me move in and finish him off, blowing a big, loud and messy load on my tongue. Sweet!

Officer Zack - Play Boy - 9.02 mins

Fresh from a ride on the hog Zack grabs the latest Playboy and drops his shorts. He starts to stroke up a boner and soon he’s ready for a serious “intervention”. I grab his cock and after lubing it up I start stroking it then slowly take the shaft in my mouth. Zack quickly responds with grunts and groans as he unloads his cum on my lips and face.

Get It Str8 #5 - Zack - 28.35 mins

Zack is his usual 'wired' self, slammin' beers and talkin' up a storm... He massages his tool thru his shorts then out pops Officer Bill at full attention! Totally naked and sprawled on the sofa, Zack works his slippery cock with both hands (look at those massive thighs and hairy asshole!)... When he stands up Zack nervously says "Why don't you come over here and stroke it for a little bit?"... Yes Sir! Whatever you say Officer! I kneel in front of Zack and start to stroke his rock hard cock (I can't believe it's finally happening!). "Like that?" he says...Oh Yeah! Then just as his girlfriend starts to page him, he shoots a huge nut all over me... O.K., I can breathe now.... Wow! Zack did two previous sessions in Just 2 Str8 #1 and Str8 'N' Uniform.

My Roomate Zack - Helping Hand? - 7.60 mins

Zack wants me to film him jerking off so I set up the camera in the guest room. As he starts watching his favorite porno he wants to make sure the camera's on before he pulls out his cock and starts strokin' it. Zack is pretty noisy when he jerks it, moaning and talking as the screams come from the television. All of a sudden he asks me if I want to help him so I grab his cock and start stroking it hard. In no time Zack's saying ''I'm gonna cum!'' and he spills his load in my hand as I squeeze out every last drop! He cleans up and throws me the towel.

Straight Roommate - Midnight Nut - 14.00 mins

Zack comes home from a night out with the boys and pops in a porno. As he gets naked in the living room I grab the camera and start filming. He strokes his stiffening cock with both hands and soon it's rock hard. The glass of wine he's chuggin' and the screaming bitches drives him wild and he starts talkin' to himself - and to me. The phone rings (it's probably his girlfriend looking for him) just as he shoots a mother load on his chest. I follow him to the bathroom and watch him clean up. His dick is still rock hard.

Officer Zack - Tongue ‘N’ Groove - 10.08 mins

I find Zack watching a porno in the den so I grab the camera and start filming. He ignores me at first then when he gets close to the edge he lets me play with his balls and cock. I stroke him for a while then he takes the camera from me as I start licking and sucking his cock. As I slurp hungrily he thrusts his hips and soon he grunts “I’m gonna cum!” and dumps a warm load on my tongue.

My Roomate Zack - Play Boy - 6.25 mins

Zack has been riding his harley all afternoon and when he returns he finds the latest playboy magazine has been delivered. He drops his pants and starts ''reading'' the magazine at the kithen table. Zack lets me get real close while he strokes it and as he moans in pleasure he says ''oh, fuck! I'm gonna cum!'' and explodes all over me and the floor!

Hooked On Zack - Scene 6 - 7.42 mins

While the girlfriend's at work Zack decides to film a shower scene at her apartment. When he sets up her camcorder and starts to soap up, it doesn't take long for the moaning to start. Zack strokes his cock and plays with his ass then blows a big "noisy" load... Thank God for naive girlfriends!

Bustin Officer Zack - Hot Rod - 13.60 mins

After spending some time with his family, he escapes back to the apartment and quickly gets into a jerk session. When I move in and grab his cock he gets rock hard in my hand as I stroke his slippery stick. After I play with it a while Zack stands and I take him in my mouth. It doesn’t take long before he explodes all over my face and tongue. After Zack dresses he’s still horny and so he tries to get another one off.

Zack Attack: Best Of Zack - Breathe Baby! - 22.70 mins

This scene starts with Zack ''cutting the cheese'' as he prepares himself for what's to come. With lube and remote in hand he sheds his shorts and tunes into the porno. Zack moans and squirms as he strokes himself close to the edge several times before I kneel between his legs and start to jerk on his cock. ''Like that?'' he says. Who wouldn't? Before long Zack is spilling a huge milky load in my hands. ''That's a good one, kid!'' he says. I agree.

Blindfold Submission - Seth - 19.47 mins

Seth sees Officer Zack uniform hanging on the door and he puts it on, and as soon as he’s blindfolded and bound it looks like Seth is ready to go. His cock sticks out straight from him boxers waiting for some attention so I begin giving him a blowjob. He squirms in the chair as I suck on his balls and devour his cock. Seth moans loudly as he launches a huge load on my face.

Zack Attack: Best Of Zack - Sunglasses At Night - 20.55 mins

Zack is completely out of control in this scene... I intended this for the cutting room floor but Zack is just so fucking HOT I couldn't waste one minute! Lots of up-close shots of his body, cock and beautiful 'bubble butt'... Zack jerks himself for a while then stands up, yells out ''I'm gonna fuckin' cum!!'' and squeezes out a massive white load...Too Wild! ...and Zack has a question for YOU at the end!?!

Blindfold Submission - Zack - 11.28 mins

Before he lets me bind him up, Officer Zack wants to watch some of the porno flick and pull on his cock to get it hard. As soon as he’s ready I tie his hands and blindfold him before we continue. His cock swells up in my hands as I jerk it and lick the head. When I go down on Zack he starts fucking my mouth and in no time he’s moaning loudly and shooting his load on my lips.

Straight Submission - Zack - 10.82 mins

Before he lets me bind him up Zack wants to watch some of the porno flick and pull on his cock to get it hard. As soon as he’s ready I tie his hands and blindfold him before we continue. I lube his cock and his cock swells up in my hands as I jerk it and lick the head. When I go down on him he starts fucking my mouth and in no time he’s moaning loudly and shooting his load on my lips.

Bustin' Officer Zack - Non Stop Fun - 9.63 mins

Relaxed and refreshed from a good night’s sleep, Zack returns to where he left off on his favorite porno and starts to pull one off. When he’s close to bustin’ he calls me over to help him finish and he blows a load that just won’t stop.

My Roomate Zack - Home Movies - 7.92 mins

Zack decides to film himself while I'm away from the house. In the first scene is in his bedroom he jerks off to a porno and busts in his hand and in the second scene he's in the bathroom strokin' it to a magazine and busts into the toilet. Zack holds the camera as he films so you get his point-of-view and hear him moaning and talkin' to the camera.

Bustin' Officer Zack - Losin' It - 13.17 mins

A few days later I tell Zack about a new porno I have and he heads right over to watch it. He pulls off his pants and lets me play with his cock through his boxer briefs. He strokes his lubed cock while I play with his balls and when I start jerking on his cock he gets super hard. When I start to blow Zack he stands and starts to fuck my mouth and then unloads a massive nut on my face.

Hooked On Zack - Scene 3 - 7.07 mins

Zack figures out how to access his favorite porno on the computer so he strips down to enjoy it. He lets me watch and after he strokes it up I kneel beside him and begin touching his body. I massage his balls and lower stomach (I know that drives him wild) and then when he stands he says "I'm gonna fuckin' cum!". I grab his cock and start to lick the head and in a light-minute he explodes on my tongue. "Sorry!" he says, "I didn't mean to pull your head in like that!"... You're forgiven...

My Roomate Zack - Cummin' From Behind - 5.98 mins

Zack's back at my computer streaming a new porno by his favorite model. He uses his favorite lube on his cock and starts to stroke it in rhythm. I kneel behind his chair and begin touching his body as he plays and soon I'm taking his cock in my hand and jerking it for him. He drives me wild with the sounds he makes! When zack says ''I feel like I'm gonna cum. I'm trying to make it last but...'' he spills a huge creamy load in my hand and on his chest.

My Roomate Zack - Jackin' To The Hilt(on) - 9.82 mins

While sitting at my computer, Zack finds the porno movie by that certain hotel heiress and gets right into it, jerkin' his lubed cock to it. He wants to finish off quick but I tell him to hold off and when he's ready to pop he stands and drops his load into his underwear. Zack lets me lick the head a little before he dresses.


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