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Dragon Media - Joe Gage Sex Files 07 - Doctors And Dads 1

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Description“Joe Gage Sex Files: Vol. #11: Doctors and Dads 2?

(Dragon Media Corporation)

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Director: Joe Gage a.k.a. Mac Larson ( http://JoeGage.com )


Andrew Justice ( http://myspace.com/andrewjusticexxx )
Jake Deckerd ( http://twitter.com/MrJakeDeckard )
Jake Steel ( http://twitter.com/JakeSteelXXX )
Josh Kole ( http://modelmayhem.com/513957 )
Matt Sizemore ( http://twitter.com/MattSizemoreXXX )
Tommy Deluca ( http://TommyDelucaX.com )
Tyler Sweet ( http://twitter.com/TylerSweetXXX )

You’d have to imagine a “Doogie Howser”-like scenario for a doc like Andrew Justice to be able to have a son Jake Steel’s age, but there you have it. One of the perks of having dad serve as your primary care physician is free check-ups. Jake shows up for his, but dad isn’t quite ready, having just gotten the office’s power restored that morning. Dad wants a shower before he starts going through the day’s patient roster. Jake wants a shower too, but wouldn’t you know it, there’s only enough hot water in the tank for a single use. Jake proposes they shower up together, “just like in the old days.” Is dad game? You bet he is.

Director Joe Gage likes to slowly turn the volume up on sexual tension, almost to where the tension becomes unbearable. And he effectively uses the technique here — each man eyeing the other surreptitiously, first as they undress in the tiny, cramped bathroom, then as they soap up and shower together. Andrew and Jake easily go through at least half of bar of soap during the scene, most of it foaming up their cocks and balls. We switch back and forth between full body shots and the camera lens at waist level. Andrew is the first to chub-up, and this seems to give Jake permission to have an erection in dad’s presence. It’s a happy, but harmless father-son stroke-fest until Jake gets bold and decides to give dad a hand. Dad quickly puts the kibosh on anything truly inappropriate, rinses away all traces of soap, and exits the bathroom with his son trailing behind. But it seems once that switch is flipped, neither man wants to put an end to what’s been started. “You know we shouldn’t be doing this,” says Andrew, but it doesn’t stop Jake from dropping to his knees and putting his father’s hardon into his warm mouth. Jake blows Andrew nice and easy, making sure to give some extra loving care to his pop’s balls. As far as reciprocation, dad seems incredulous that he’s even dropping to his knees in front of his son, but more incredulous still when Jake puts Andrew up on the exam table, slips on a rubber, and fucks his dad. Andrew eventually feeds Jake his cum, then Jake volleys back, giving Andrew a taste of his load.

Maybe it’s fucking his son that has put Andrew behind schedule, but Tyler Sweet seems perfectly content to wait in his dressing gown for the good doctor to keep his appointment. Keeping him company is his dad (Jake Deckard). Tyler has a complaint about aching balls and Jake isn’t shy about reaching up underneath Tyler’s exam gown to see for himself exactly what the problem is. Jake pretty much ignores Tyler’s balls all together, and instead starts absentmindedly giving his son a handjob. A little encouragement is all Tyler needs, and he slyly slides off the exam table and onto his knees, pulls his dad’s prick out of his track pants and proudly shows his father what a good little cocksucker he’s become. Jake Deckard continues to look dumbstruck as Tyler bobs up and down on his pole, the look on his face seeming to say, “This can’t be happening.” Turned on by the sight of his kid blowing him, Jake decides to go the distance, first slobbering over Tyler’s cock, then taking a dive between Tyler’s cheeks for what looks to be a sensational rimjob. And like his mother, Tyler’s a vocal bottom bitch, letting out loud cries of pleasure while his father fucks him. They finish their session with heated mutual masturbation, leaving wicked nasty globs of cum on the good doctor’s exam table.

In his role as a family physician, Andrew Justice also gives family physicals. When Tommy DeLuca and his “Uncle Doug” (porn veteran Matt Sizemore) are scheduled only 15 minutes apart, Andrew gives them the option to speed things up with a simultaneous exam. Maybe it’s because Andrew is still walking around with the taste of his son’s seed in his mouth, but his “exam” seems preternaturally focused on Tommy’s groin from the word go. Andrew doesn’t seem obligated to use a stethoscope anywhere above the waistline, but immediately palpates Tommy’s cock and balls through his boxers. Once Tommy’s monster is unleashed, all pretense of routine medical practice goes out the window. What begins as a three-way stroke-fest devolves into a three-way suck-and-fuck. Matt schools Tommy on how to give a good blowjob (no complaints from Andrew) but, as in life, the biggest cock usually gets the most attention, so soon it’s Andrew and Matt sharing Tommy’s ample prick between the two of them. The highlight of the scene finds Matt on the exam table exposing his asshole by pulling back on his knees while his nephew rims him. And while Tommy rims, he’s getting fucked by the doctor. With Matt’s asshole primed with Tommy’s spit, he’s in the perfect position for Andrew to switch off and fuck his ass. On a side note, this reviewer is more than a little ecstatic that
cum-eating is featured here. Watching Matthew scarf down TommyÂ’s load, then scoot down to the floor to share AndrewÂ’s cum with his nephew makes for grade-A porn.

In the final segment, Dr. Cooper (Josh Kole) is also cutting some corners by doing simultaneous exams, this time a follow-up with Tyler Sweet and his young uncredited buddy. Hanging out in the exam room is Jake Steel (perhaps hoping for a repeat with dad). Something must be awry with these youngÂ’uns penises because itÂ’s where Josh begins his follow-up exam, even encouraging Jake to pull his out for good measure. Turns out that in this group of four, the doctor has got the biggest, most mouthwatering piece of meat, and slutty Tyler gets busy servicing it while his buddy and Jake stroke along. Perhaps tired of hanging out in the waiting room, Matt Sizemore just walks in on the action, Tyler sucking Josh, TylerÂ’s buddy sucking Jake. Not one to be left out, Matt inserts himself into the action, forcing TylerÂ’s friend to do double duty while Tyler has his hands and mouth overloaded with Josh. Jake and Josh eventually pull the groupÂ’s entire focus, Jake scooting his ass to the lowest part of the exam table and giving his fatherÂ’s colleague, Dr. Cooper, complete access for a gorgeously-filmed rectal exam, albeit with untraditional instruments. Jake erupts across his flat belly, then exits, leaving the two older topmen (Josh and Matt) to continue the intergenerational fuck-fest with Tyler and friend. The scene closes with Matt on his knees, mouth open, fiendishly eager to eat everybodyÂ’s load.
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