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CF Aiden fucks Dawson

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Description“It’s hard for me to believe it’s been almost a year since Aiden joined us! He’s definitely been an amazing addition to the CF student body.
AidenÂ’s star (and other things!) rose quickly from the beginning. Aside from his massive muscles (including the massive one between his legs) and his boyishly handsome face, we quickly discovered this gentle giant loves sex.
In fact, Aiden loves sex some much, and comes so intensely, heÂ’s almost blacked out once or twice! Luckily IÂ’m there if he needs someone to nurse him back to consciousness after a shoot ;)
Everyone loves Aiden. And not a day goes by that someone doesn’t ask or send an email – when is this hot guy going to bottom for another CF stud?
The answer? Today!
Yes, when Aiden recently pounded the heck out of Dawson, he really bonded with the CF legend. And Aiden said for his first bottom experience, no one but Dawson would do.
What was I to do? Put two of the hottest men on the planet together and film one of them getting fucked for the first time? Oh, wait Â… thatÂ’s EXACTLY what I was going to do!
Aiden was nervous at first, and joked around with Dawson about getting fucked for the first time. But as they kissed, it became clear Aiden was eager to experience Dawson like he hadnÂ’t before! Dawson kissed AidenÂ’s nipple, which gave the already-sensitive muscle god goosebumps.
It thrilled me to watch these guys explore each others’ bodies with their hands and mouths. In the middle of it, I wasn’t sure who was more eager – Aiden to lose his cherry, or Dawson to go where no man had gone before!
As Dawson sucks AidenÂ’s huge dick, itÂ’s clear the goosebumps arenÂ’t going away. The two 69 each other, sucking dick as deep and hard as possible.
Finally, it was time. I donÂ’t mind telling you, I was almost as anxious as Aiden. Would he hate it? Would he never want to come back? Or would this open up a new horizon for him?
Dawson eased his dick into AidenÂ’s hole. Aiden felt a little uncomfortable at first, but you can almost see on his when it turns for him. Soon, he canÂ’t get enough of DawsonÂ’s cock. As Dawson jackhammers his virgin ass, Aiden yells with pleasure.
Aiden doesnÂ’t even touch his own dick while Dawson fucks him. I think he knew if he did, it would be only seconds before he busted his nut.
Dawson slams into Aiden faster and faster. Finally, Dawson tells Aiden to cum for him. Aiden barely jerks his cock before he blasts a spectacular load onto his abs! Every vein in his neck sticks out as he cums! Once he finishes, he has a huge smile on his face.
Dawson rams into him again, then pulls out and shoots his load onto AidenÂ’s cock and balls. Dawson sucks AidenÂ’s dick clean, kisses him and then the guys headed for the shower. Aiden laughs while they talk about his first experience bottoming and how he loved it.
What do you think … should he bottom again?”
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