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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-03-08 |
Every now and then i see a newbie joe landon fan requesting for his flicks. I was cleaning up my hard drive and forgot all about this one. When i was big fan of his, i google hard for this flick. All i could find was only streaming video but cannot be purchased for download,nor can the dvd be rented. Then by luck i found a site that sold it. I posted it couple of years ago and there were over 1000 downloads but still to this day no one has uploaded it again. People keep circulating the same 3 vids of his.

This is Joe Landon's last film. The performances in this video are not that great but then again, it's joe landon. I think he looks his best is in this film. More mature and scruffy looking. Joe Landon is Joe Landon and he will always have his good looks even when he ages. If you are a Landon fan then u should add this one to your collection cause it has never surfaced again since I canceled the torrent. So guys, keep this circulating for the new newbies. At least something new instead of joe's adventure and apprentice 1& 2.

Rarely seen Joe Landon-almost a cult fave now-headlines this feature, supposedly based on one of his fantasies. It opens with him doing bench presses in a studio, with Tyler Bradshaw quickly making his way over to suck on Landon's sizeable meat. Bradshaw gives great attention to it before getting fucked on the bench and then the floor. The next segment has five men coming in to get sucked by the two studs; the newcomers remain headless, the camera staying below their necks as they get serviced. The cocks of Jack Phoenix and Jacob Riley (the first two to appear) are the sweetest, and Landon has a few great shots playing with both of them. After the group comes, Landon fucks Bradshaw some more before letting out a nice load on his chest. The picture here is a little rough and grainy, but not enough to detract from the sex. Bonus features include two solos (from Javi and Joieto); the "Bonus Bang" is not extra footage, but clips from the feature.

It is under the category amateur cause the people that act in it looks amateur and the way it's film is also very amateur.
ohhh...there r also pics included in the dvd...

Guys i also have one clip of him in leather pants and doing it in a garage with a motorcycle as part of the scene. I don't know what flick it's from,I never really tried to google it. That one never gets circulated around either. Let me know if u want it and i will post it for u.
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