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MormonBoyz Elder Lindsay and Elder Ricci

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DescriptionElder Lindsay hoped for an opportunity to seduce his hot missionary companion, Elder Ricci. But Ricci is one of those Mormon boys who follow all of the mission rules exactly without a single murmur or complaint.
But earlier in the day, Ricci slipped up. Elder Lindsay caught him covertly checking him out on the train, and as soon as they’re back in their bedroom, Lindsay uses his knowledge to pressure the other boy into confessing his secret sexual desires.
Elder Ricci has never told anyone that he’s attracted to men. He has never explored his same sex attraction with another guy. The very thought scares him speechless.
But suddenly, here is his handsome companion, confronting him with the fact that he lusted after another guy; his missionary companion, no less. Ricci leans back on his bed, smiles and places a hand over his hard cock. It throbs as he thinks about plowing Ricci, and then bending over and taking letting Ricci take him from behind.
As Elder Lindsay gropes himself, Ricci looks genuinely shocked, but Lindsay watches as the boy’s surprise gives way to physical desire. He watches the good Mormon boy set down the forms he has been filling out, scoot closer to him and shyly plant his hand on Lindsay’s leg.
But if Elder Ricci is feeling hesitation, Elder Lindsay has no doubts about what he wants. He makes his companion touch his penis and waits for him to lean in for a kiss
And when they do kiss, Elder Lindsay isn’t disappointed. All those years of repressed longing have made Ricci into a hungry animal. He bites and sucks Elder Lindsay’s lip, then sticks his tongue deep down the boy’s throat.
In a moment, the two boys are stark naked and grappling on the bed. Elder Lindsay had no idea his companion’s penis would be so huge. It’s long and thick, and he knows it’s going to feel
fantastic in his hole.
But he wants to get inside Ricci first. He flips his companion over and worships his virgin ass, licking and fingering the tight, hairy hole until it opens itself up to him. Then he slowly, gently works his hard tool into Ricci’s ass. The feeling is so intense that Ricci has to close his eyes and hold his breath.
He’s not sure he’s doing this right. Is it supposed to hurt like this? But once Elder Lindsay is all the way in, the end of his dick taps the sweet spot and Elder Ricci feels pleasure spread through his limbs. He opens his mouth and lets out a moan, which Lindsay takes as permission to start pounding away.
The tight hole feels incredible on his cock, but he’s already eager to get on his hands and knees and show his companion how to stick his penis in and pound a boy until he cums.

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