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The Private Pleasures of John Holmes
John Holmes is the daddy of big-dick porn. In this classic piece of erotic history, John shows his gay side. John Holmes is sensual, sexual and imaginative. This film, his first male-orientated, brings to life one of his many fantasies. He is Sultan with a harem of many gorgeous men. We take you back to years of true erotica, the kind they use to make and are now hard to find! This is a true classic that all collectors of erotica want in their libraries!

Starring:John Holmes, Joey Yale, Chris Burns, Max Corral, Jerry Davis, Johnny Dawes, Rocky DiAngelo, Colby Douglas, Lee Jones, Doug Raymond, Jerry Thomas, Victor Young, Chi Chi (aka Abdul)
Director: J.J. English
Studio: Cream of the Crop

“Holmes, John (8 Aug 1944 - 13 Mar 1988)
He may never have heard about ADAMASTOR, whose penis was so monstrously huge that he and the nymph Thetis were unable to have sex.
But Holmes was always known in showbiz as the actor who told a Screw reporter that he had a 12 5/8” endowment, and he made no secret of the fact, receiving excellent exposure in numbers of pornographic movies. A 1989 Rolling Stone article, however, quotes ex-wife Sharon, "It goes from five inches all the way to ten. Ten inches long! Four inches around."
(R. L. Dickenson's Atlas of Human Sex Anatomy lists Holmes's penis size as 12' long erect and 8.5" long limp, as compared with an international record 12.5" length and 6.25" circumference. An estimated .1% of men according to one study, have a penis of 9 inhes and more, something not appreciated by many women).
Born John Curtis Estes on August 8, 1944, in Ashville, Pickaway County, Ohio, Holmes was a bible student who attended Milport Chapel Church Sunday School for twelve years. When 12, he was allegedly deflowered by a 36-year-old woman. When 16, he went through a stint in the army, describing his experience as "good for me. I can't honestly say that it taught me any morals or sense of responsibility. I had been raised with those qualities. What it taught me was that there was a whole world of sex I had yet to discover." His military discharge was in 1963.
In 1965, he married nurse Sharon Gebenini and, soon afterwards, appared uncredited in gay porno reels. His first credited porno film was Body Lust. A female neighbor, according to the Internet Movie Database, was making porno loops and advised John he could make good money. Unfortunately his first check bounced. After that he always insisted on payment in cash. Once it was clear he measured up, he seldom lacked for work, bringing not only his family jewels but also a professional attitude that directors appreciated. His film debut was in Private Investigator Johnny Wadd, in 1973.
In 1972 he was arrested for pimping and pandering.
According to Screw (#329, June 1975), "My favorite recipe is Stuffed Veal à la Oscar. Oscar is asparagus with cream sauce on top of a very thick cut of veal that's sliced like a vagina. And you stuff it with stuffing, and you sew it together and bake it. And then when it's ready, you pour this Hollandaise asparagus on top. And it's magnificent."
“The ultimate cocksman” appeared under a variety of names: John Duval; Big John Fallus; Big John Holmes; John C. Holmes; John Curtis Holmes; John Rey; Johnny Wadd; and Long John Wadd. Sexually explicit films were not shown in American theaters until the end of the 1960s, and according to critic Amy Taubin even when X-rated films gained a foothold in the theatrical market, in many states including California it was a felony to engage in their production.
In 1981 he was arrested for stealing a computer and was implicated in a Wonderland robbery. Allegedly, he was present at the drug-related torture and murder of his drug-dealing friend, Bill Deverell, as well as the murders of another man and two women. Holmes refused to tell what he knew and was finally acquitted in 1982. While he was in jail in 1982, his wife Sharon divorced him.
A June 1983 Al Goldstein show in Las Vegas quoted him as sayimg, ""You're gaining weight, Goldstein. You should be on the same diet I'm on, the cocaine diet."
In 1983 he made a gay porno, The Private Pleasures of John C. Holmes, with Joey Yale, who had AIDS at this time and who died in April 1986. Critics, however, generally found it weak, some complaining that the title character’s main prop is not shown. Others found the movie was weak despite filmed interviews with porn historian William Margold, female co-stars like Gloria Leonard and Cicciolina (an Italian actor who knew he was sick but thought he had the flu), and Los Angeles Police Department detectives to whom Holmes was said routinely to have snitched on porn directors and producers. Often their stories are contradictory.
In 1986 Holmes tested positive for HIV but did not discontinue having sex. In 1987 he married former porn actress and hooker Laurie Rose (a/k/s Misty Dawn), at the Little Chapel of the Flower in Las Vegas, telling a friend, "I think I'm married. I'm all fucked up. I'm not sure, but I've got a ring, Laurie's with me and I think we're married." Laurie's alleged specialty: Anal.
Holmes died in Sepulveda, California, in March 1988 of AIDS-related complications. His third wife, former porn star, Misty, who was aware that her husband had once estimated he had had sex with over 10,000 women, was at his side.
At the time of his death, Laurie, his wife, insisted that he was a loving husband; others, including Holmes’s goddaughter, claimed that he hated Laurie and married her primarily to have a steady source of drug money. The film does show Sharon Gebenini, to whom he was married from 1965 to 1980 without telling anyone in the industry. She detested what her husband did for a living, wanted no part of it, insisted that he not tell about their marriage, and finally divorced him because he “adopted” a teenaged runaway (Dawn Shilling), whom he allegedly and unwholesomely pimped, again for drug money.
Holmes’s life was partly the inspiration for director Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights.
At no time after his Bible-reading youth is there a record that Holmes showed any interest in theological matters, a fact which theists in light of his reputation appreciate. Meanwhile, Holmes is not credited with being a dues-paying humanist or a non-theist. What he is credited with is having starred in hundreds of pornographic films.
In July 2012, gawker.com reported that Jonah Falcon, who claims to have the world's largest recorded penis, was stopped by a TSA agent at San Francisco International Airport and asked about the "very noticeable" bulge in his pants. He told the Huffington Post that the person "gave me a pat down but made sure to go around [my penis] with his hands. They even put some powder on my pants, probably a test for explosives. I found it amusing." He then said he was not erect and had a "9" floppy." (Holmes claimed he measured 12 5/8" ) “

“The most precise measurement ever given for the length of John Holmes' penis was 12.58 inches, cited in SCREW magazine. But 20.51% of that figure was pure hype.
In a 1989 Rolling Stone article, ex-wife Sharon recalled John's self-amazement when he measured his penis in 1968: "It goes from five inches all the way to ten. Ten inches long! Four inches around!" That night, to Sharon's dismay, he revealed his intention to become a porn actor.
He became the all-time world's greatest. During his career, Holmes starred in 3,000 films and fucked hundreds of porn actresses, including Seka, Linda Lovelace, Marilyn Chambers, and Cicciolina.
He got hooked on drugs, primarily cocaine, which eventually rendered him incapable of performing. He was always late to the set, and when he finally did show up he'd disappear into the bathroom for hours at a time. After which point, of course, he was scatterbrained and unable to maintain an erection. Then he stopped getting roles.
During the height of his drug addiction, Holmes went broke and turned to crime to support his habit. He stole luggage from the baggage claim at LAX, sold things he purchased with his wife's charge cards, broke into cars. Somewhere around this time, John got involved with alleged drug dealer Eddie Nash, who had an unsavory reputation. According to John's wife Laura: "He was an awful man... John told me he used to leave the bathrooms without toilet paper, then offer the young women cocaine if they'd lick his ass clean."
In June 1981, four of John's acquaintances raided 8763 Wonderland Avenue, Eddie Nash's house. They forced Nash at gunpoint to open a floor safe, which yielded more than $100,000 in cash, $150,000 in jewelry, eight pounds of cocaine, a kilo of heroin, and 5,000 quaaludes. Nobody died that night.
When the gang returned to their Laurel Canyon hideout, Holmes was waiting for them. He freebased some of the coke and then they cut him in. He received a paltry $3,000 for having unlocked Nash's back door the night before. A few days later, Nash somehow caught up with Holmes and persuaded him to confess. Then they all went to Laurel Canyon and brutally murdered everyone in the hideout.
John was tried in 1982 for his involvement in the Wonderland slayings. Holmes was defended by attorney Earl Hanson, who later represented serial killer William G Bonin.
Died of AIDS in March 1988. Diagnosed HIV-positive in 1986, but continued to make films without informing any of his partners of his status.
Claimed 14,000 fucks, though the actual number is probably in the low thousands. Starred in 2,000 porno films. “

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