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Nine gorgeous boys are spending a week in a study camp. It's time to get good loads ... I mean good grades! Fortunately for us, they do not have a mind to learn but just want to get as much cock as possible.

During the breakfast, Harry Dotter gets fucked really hard by Alex Shy and eats his huge creamy load. MK Maloy, an awesome and stunning twink with a smooth body, is wide open for big warm dicks and dildos. His cute bubble butt is taking all the pleasure even when the nine boys are going for a huge orgy. ... Harry Dotter wants to swallow every load available. Harry is a cute, dirty little boy and will be pleased by his classmates.

Internat brings you some of the best bareback sex and cum eating. Make no mistakes, they will blow you away!

If you're looking for very dirty schoolboys who enjoy food fights, naked pillow fights, bareback wrestling orgies and cum swallowing, they're all right here! There are nine skinny and hugely hung twinks in this film, all insatiably horny. They get into all sorts of trouble and have a grand old time. Their sexual shenanigans are so uninhibited and high-spirited that it's truly a delight to share in the fun. The uncut cocks on display are real beauties, and the jizz they pump gets gobbled up like candy. The boys (one blond, the rest brunettes) all look around 18 years old, and though they're mostly smooth, several sport naturally hairy crotches and sexy treasure trails.

The cocksucking is truly mouthwatering, and you can always tell a cum-hound by how he truly worships a big dick. Sperm gets shot right into hungry mouths – not just on the tongue, but down the throat. The cum suckers swallow the load and then suck out every last drop. One very nice feature of this film is that not every cumshot is an extreme close-up. In other words, sometimes the camera steps back a bit to show the top boy shooting off into the cum sucker's mouth. We still get the close-ups of the sperm-covered lips and tongue, but we also get to see the joyful expressions of the jizz shooter as he pumps.

The buttfucking is intense when cocks are so thick, and 10 minutes into the film the moans of the bottom boy tell quite a story. If you're turned on by hot moaning and groaning during mansex, turn up the volume, because you'll be in heaven over this film! One boy gets his ass warmed up on the bathroom floor with a brutal four-fingered probing. Another gets his ass drenched in cum after a good fucking on a staircase, and the top boy scoops up his jizz and finger fucks it into the bottom's ass.

The boys are incredibly lustful, and they're likely to rip off an undershirt just to kiss the bare chest underneath. When they fuck, they pound hard and fast in a true sexual frenzy. When they suck, they suck with gusto in anticipation of a sticky reward. But they're also quite sensual, and when they deep kiss, it's slow and romantic – especially when it comes to sharing their sperm through snowballing.

The pillow fight in the second scene is wild indeed. All nine boys, stark naked, beat one another with pillows in the hallway of their dorm, and when one boy pretends to pass out from excitement, the others try to revive him with a playful form of CPR. They perform mouth-to-mouth, press on his chest as if to get his heart beating, and jack off his dick. It's a fun interlude that prepares us for some of the excitement of the orgy scene later on.

The orgy begins as an ecstatic group wrestling match, with all nine guys in a wonderful tangle on the floor. Some of them brought double dildos with them, obviously knowing where the wrestling would lead! Up to now, everything was merely foreplay. Here's where the boys really get excited, going after each other's bodies like crazy. The sperm flows freely throughout the orgy, and lovers of cumshots will be very pleased with the multiple money shots. By the time they're all spent, the boys are writhing in a tight tangle of flesh, tickling one another and laughing and simply loving life.

In addition to practically non-stop hardcore sex, this film offers a glorious portrait of young men having a wonderful time playing with each other. It's a truly joyful testament to male intimacy, and that makes it very special indeed.
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Description (Français):
9 étudiants dans un internat de garçons…

Alex Shy, Fred Saket, Harry Dotter, Jerome, Leon, M.K. Maloy, Mario Fox, Paul Long, Stan Rabit

Released: 2005 | Running time: 92 min + 14 min. Macking Of | Director: Stéphane Moussu | Audio: Dolby Digital (AC3) stereo | DVD format: PAL 4:3 |

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As well known as:
  eboys - Dirty School Boys
  LoadXXX - Further Education

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